PWTG Episode 009: Where is God When I’m Going Through my Storm?

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If you’ve ever found yourself in that place of asking the why questions… Why me? Why did this have to happen? Why couldn’t you save him? Then I hope you’ll listen to today’s podcast. David preaches a sermon based on Genesis 39 out of the life of Joseph. The title is, “The Problem with Providence”. If you are familiar with providence then you know it is the idea of God governing all that He has created. We all understand and love providence when we look back after something has worked out and identify all the little things God had to orchestrate for things to have gone the way they did. Often there are too many things for it to be simply coincidence. But what happens when things don’t turn out. Where is providence when I lose a child? Where is providence when I don’t get the job? Where is providence when my spouse leaves me? That’s the problem with providence.

Recently our 4 year old grandson Justus, got terribly ill with some form of encephalitis (an infection of the brain). That storm and the journey that ensued did a lot to inform the message of this sermon. We tell some of the story of our little grandson in this podcast. I hope you’ll listen to today’s podcast episode… “The Problem with Providence.”


4 thoughts on “PWTG Episode 009: Where is God When I’m Going Through my Storm?

  1. I find myself following your ,parenting blogs daily now. I used to think I was reading, listening, abosrbing so I could help my 22 year old daughter with her 2 year old son. My daughter is and addict, but is trying to recover and is in a 6 month in house rehab with her child. It’s a good program if she uses it right. She truly wants to be a good Mom and is reading out to me for any advice I can give her. So I found your site after following the illness of your grandson. Your family is an inspiration. My thoughts now or to continue to guide my daughter. I am wondering if there is a way to obtain transcripts of your podcasts? I would love to send them to my daughter since she has no access to computer devices but can read all she wants. Your thoughts and inspiration are appreciated. Patti

    • Dear Patti,
      Thanks so much for your comments and kind words. We would love to be a help to you and your sweet daughter and grandson. As you know from our journey we have a soft spot for grandparents and their grandchildren!

      We have talked about getting full transcripts of our podcasts made, we just haven’t taken that step. Some of it is due to costs, but certainly a big part of it is based on need… so it helps to hear from folks looking for that resource. All that to say, we’ll take a serious look at adding that service here soon. In the meantime, please let us know any other ways we might be able to help support your daughter. Has she seen our eSeries? We just released the third volume of a five volume set. They are eBooks, but maybe we can get them printed out for her and to her. Let us know if that is of interest and I’ll look into how we can best make that happen.

      In the meantime we’ll pray for your daughter and grandson. We’ll especially pray for you as you support from that all important position of grandmother! May the Lord strengthen you for this journey. God is able and God is good!

      David & Kelli
      “The Moon is Round!”

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