Watch out for the crocodiles!

Talk about a phrase you don’t hear in Washington much… or EVER… “Watch out for the crocodiles!” A little like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she utters those immortal words about Kansas, I told Kelli, “I don’t think we’re in Washington anymore!”


Speaking at Family Camp – Southwind

Actually Kelli and I are in Florida at Young Life’s Southwind Camp. And yes they actually have crocodiles in Florida. Although we haven’t gotten to see any.

We are the speakers at a family camp for the Jacksonville area Young Life. What a blast to be here with 170 people for the weekend. The weather is great, the activities are awesome, and everyone is having an incredible time. And there are kids everywhere!

Please pray for us as we share what it looks like to speak the truth in love in our families. How does the gospel message of love and forgiveness inform our marriage relationship and our sibling relationships? What does it look like to live in the tension between truth and grace? Have you talked about it in your family?

Here are 3 quick questions for you to ask at your next family meeting:

1)      Are there some things that you’ve had a hard time being honest about in our family? What are they? Why do you think it’s been so hard?

2)      Can you think of a time when someone lovingly told you a hard truth and you were glad they did?

3)      Can you think of a time when someone did something for you that you didn’t deserve? How did that feel?

There are certainly others. But be willing to step into the mix with your kids. Don’t settle. We want our marriage and our family to reflect the truth and to be grace filled. Why do YOU think it can be so hard to be honest in a family?