Unleash the Power of a "Get Up"

“Kids! Only 35 more Get Ups!!!” A Get Up is defined in the Pritchard family dictionary as: a noun referring to a school morning wakeup, most often at a time earlier than desired. We’re excited because next week we will be into the 20’s!!!

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Get Ups help our little ones finish well!

At our house, after spring vacation, we make a big deal of counting Get Ups. Some years we’ve even made a paper chain with each link symbolizing a day; removing them in the morning during family devotions. This focus on Get Ups reminds me of some important points regarding education:

  • School teaches us perseverance. We encourage everyone to end the year on top of their studies. If you are doing well, keep it up, you are almost finished. If you are struggling in an area, focus so you will end the year with significant improvement.
  • School reminds us how much we take for granted. Ever since adopting our children from Ethiopia, we’re more aware; how easy it is to forget how blessed we are. There are many children around the world with no opportunity for school. That seems so foreign to us. But, it has been good for our family to consider; what it would be like to never have get ups.
  • School gives us so much opportunity to grow academically as well as relationally. Earlier this year one of our younger kids dealt with being bullied. It was hard and sad and frustrating and maddening. We learned a lot about ourselves our school our culture and our family. We worked hard to protect our child in a way that would honor him and give him courage to stay in school. We also considered the other student’s life and what would cause him to bully another.
  • School makes us grateful especially to those giving their lives to teach our children. We think long and hard about how to thank our kid’s teachers for their commitment to education. Yes, there are teachers who are tired, discouraged and ineffective. But there are way more teachers who are gifted. They want to influence their students to be life long learners and successful citizens for our community.

Get Ups is our cue for a family meeting – a chance to talk about all of this. To talk about what we can celebrate and what we need to do better next year. We also begin talking about summer and how we can prepare for next fall.

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Koffee with Kelli

We want our family to have a healthy, thankful, and positive view of school. Our goal is to raise life long readers and learners who know how to think about information in a wise and Biblical way.

Does your family attend homeschool, private school, or public school? How will you celebrate the end of this year?

5 thoughts on “Unleash the Power of a "Get Up"

  1. We’ve only done the end of the year for one year so far. Our oldest is finishing 1st grade in public school. 🙂 We celebrate every Friday throughout the year as Friday Family Pizza Night, so our end of the year celebrating is a BIG version of that…better pizza, better dessert and sides. 🙂

    • Way to go Jessica! I love that. Friday is spoil you rotten day at our house. Sugar cereal for breakfast and pizza at night. I like the idea of a BIG version of Friday night!!!

  2. Wow! I’m so grateful I stumbled apon you guys! I have a 7th grade boy…and BOY is this year a struggle for us with him right now. He is DONE with school. He acts like his life sucks because he has to go to school.. I’m soo glad I have some tools in my tool belt to talk to him about this now!!!
    Thank you!!!!

    • Lisa, you are so welcome and thanks for stopping by. Please let us know how it goes and we’ll try to post some more blogs to help you out. Also, not trying to sell you anything, but we do have a CD series on parenting that is very practical and could be very helpful.

  3. Thank you. I also see your book about thriving in public school. I want to get that for sure! We are making the move from Christian school to private next year. Again, I’m so blessed by your info! Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings.

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