Three Tools to Help Make 2017 the Best Year for Your Family!

(and how you can get them for free!)

This son is a junior at West Point!

My son is a junior at West Point!

We’ve been talking about 2017 a lot, but we can’t help it. I just got back from an incredible week visiting my daughter and her family in Nashville (the visit might have something to do with my granddaughter’s birth on November 25th). Then after spending time in Tennessee, two of my sons joined me and we drove to Baltimore and connected with a third son who is a junior at West Point.

The high point of the trip was the privilege of watching 8,000 plus young men and women march into the stadium prior to the 117th playing of the Army vs. Navy football game. I’m not going to lie, it made me proud to be an American and certainly I will confess taking a little pride in knowing my son was one of the cadets marching for the United States Military Academy.

So what’s the point? Simply this. I left this weekend more excited about 2017 than ever. And… we’re more passionate about helping others have an amazing 2017. Only we know that if you are married or if you are a mom or a dad… 2017 won’t be amazing if your family is falling apart or if you don’t feel like your home is getting stronger and healthier. We can help!

We’ve identified three specific areas that will help your family in this coming year.

  1. Your Family’s faith journey
  2. Family Meetings
  3. Your Family’s Health and Wellness

If you want the best 2017, then it will involve your family’s faith journey, you will utilize effective family meetings, and you must consider the health and wellness of your household.

We’ve been telling you about Michael Hyatt’s online course, “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.” If you haven’t already watched his FREE webinar, 7 Steps for Taking Control of 2017, can I encourage you to watch it. Even if you have no desire to purchase his paid course, the free webinar is worth it.

And then if you do decide to purchase 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever through our affiliate link, then we want to give you 4 FREE Bonuses, specifically aimed at addressing your family in this coming year.

  1. Your Family’s Faith Journey – A video and workbook going over the specifics of addressing your family’s faith journey. What should you do about family devotions? How do you prioritize what you are going to emphasize – biblical worldview… serving… missions?
  2. Family Meetings – One of the great tools at your disposal in leading your family in 2017 is an effective family meeting. This video and workbook will walk you through the specifics of purpose, agendas, timing, and more.
  3. Your Family’s Health and Wellness – Family schedules get more and more chaotic. Amid all of that busyness, how do you keep you and your children healthy. This video and workbook will talk details including menu plans and schedules to help you think through this area.
  4. Finally, you get a FREE half hour Skype coaching session with us to help you plan out your family’s 2017!

That’s it. 2017 is right around the corner. Thursday is the last day you can purchase 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever until December of 2017. So very soon, we’ll stop talking about “5 Days”, although we’ll continue to encourage you to be deliberate in thinking about next year.

When it comes to family, thinking about next year means considering your faith journey, using effective family meetings, and taking care of your health and wellness.

Tell us what you’re most looking forward to in 2017 as it applies to your family and second, what are you most anxious about this coming year?