Three Things YOU can do as Parents that will CHANGE Your Child’s Chances at SUCCESS

Here is the Video 3 in our series on “How to Raise Successful Children”. You can watch VIDEO 1 HERE. It’s all about GRIT, the single best indicator of future success in your children. You can watch VIDEO 2 HERE. We share with you what every parent must stop doing if they want to give their child the best chance at success.

Here in VIDEO 3 we cover:

  • 5 Cultural Shifts that have impacted YOUR PARENTING and
  • THREE Things YOU can do as Parents that will CHANGE Your Child’s Chances at SUCCESS!


7 thoughts on “Three Things YOU can do as Parents that will CHANGE Your Child’s Chances at SUCCESS

  1. Just finished the third free video excited for the course!
    My questions would Be more on info on the “play dates” when toddlers are playing and the “mine” and shoving and pushing begins- what do you recomend? I tend to let it go once but then pull my toddlers aside to have them “get control” and sit for a miniute and say key words she gets etc. then let her try again to be kind and share but it curious your advice as on video 3 you alluded to more of kinda let them go and work it out would love to hear more on that

    Then for public school (love your book too!) but advice on how to handle devices as our public school is a being your own device school and we don’t do screans- also at school just the mean kids and hard teachers. Wisdom and tangible ideas and tools on what to do! I do all your advice and my kids are so wonderful due to your parenting wisdom but always need more help and the kids are far from perfect! 🙂 thanks guys!

    • Hi Blair!! Great questions! During toddler play, I try to be close enough to hear and see what is happening. When children are that young, we tended to be more hands on and doing lots of teaching as they are learning what is socially acceptable and right behavior. You are doing what I did. Stepping in before harm is done to take a break and do some teaching. As children age, I still tried to watch and listen but gave them longer to right their behavior. TEchnology is a big topic. I would need more info like, ” Are schools asking because kids are using them to do school work?” And the next question about hard people is one I love speaking to!! We talk lots about winning people over and being aware that we never know what someone is living through at the moment. Our favorite thing to do is to pray for these prickly people and give our kids good language to use with them, such as “Thank you so much for teaching me today.” or Asking a mean kid, “Did I do something to make you mad at me or Do you want to come over to my house to play?” Lots more on this but thanks so much for asking because mean people have a story and they will always be with us!! Much love and blessings…kelli

  2. Thanks for all your hard work in encouraging parents! You are a blessing to so many.

    One Question:
    Have you parented your adopted kiddos differently in any way from the biological kids?

    • Hi Jan!! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!! In answer to your question, we have tried really hard to carry out the same parenting language and strategies with our adopted kids as we have grown into with our bios. I know we have not done this perfectly because our kids were 9,11, and 13 when they joined our family so they were pretty entrenched in the Ethiopian way of life. I would say the biggest difference was that we did not use any physical punishment with them. We had no way to communicate well, and we knew they had had lots of trauma and loss. There was much we might never know about them, we chose other ways to discipline. We spend lots of time now undoing and reteaching lots of cultural things that to them appear normal and try to talk about God’s way that cuts across culture,money,gender and age. For example, women are not treated well in Ethiopia. They saw things and assumed it was ok. We try really hard not to get irritated, but to re-teach on so many of these kinds of things. We would say overall that they have taught us way more than we have taught them. We try to have lots of grace and imagine what it would be like to live, learn and grow in a place that was upside down from how we were raised. Most of us cannot even fathom what it would feel like. Our kids have been with us 5 years in April. I get discouraged that they don’t know more, but then I wonder what their lives would have been like had they stayed. Some parts of it would have been really good, other parts though would have been bad, especially for Malia. There is still much tension over international adoptions and I am careful in how I responsd. I know in my heart that God’s plan was for us to love and raise these children. We are excited to see what happens in their future!! Much love and Blessings…kelli.

  3. Can i ask another question? We have a rule about no doors shut while friends are over but how do you handle changing clothes? For example getting swim suits on for the pool when friends are over or an example : my 7 year old son has his friend over sometimes before baseball practice – should they change into uniforms seperatly or is it ok in same room? We are starting to notice some stuff which has been concerning (boys giggling about privates) what do you suggest? For girls too (daughter is 9)
    Eeeek— one more? Sleepovers? Do you have an age you recommend starting that? My 9 year old can in the neighborhood cause we know the parents well, but we say no if we don’t know the family… any wisdom on that or what you guys did/do?

  4. I can’t open the three free videos … I signed up through email but it still says it can’t be viewed due to privacy settings … Thank you

    • I’m so sorry about this… we’ve moved those videos into our paid course… we’re looking into why they are still out there. PM me and we’ll figure something out.

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