The 3 things I’m going to miss most about my brother.

Hi, my name is Sina Pritchard – David and Kelli’s second youngest daughter and number eight of the Pritchard kids. I’m getting ready to finish my freshman year of high school. Even more significant; in exactly 20 days one of my best friends (and older brother) Keila, is heading off to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Keila Sina older
I’m filled with so many emotions as we prepare to send off the graduate and soon to be cadet. I am extremely proud and excited but also sad to see him move 2,894 miles away from home. I want to share with you the three things I’m going to miss most about my brother.
1) We argue. We argue a lot. This may sound funny as something I am going to miss. Maybe there is a better word to use than argue. But if you spent time around Keila and me, you’d know we developed strong opinions about many topics at an early age. My parents blame it on growing up the youngest two in a large family. Often these opinions do not completely coincide, and this is where the argument part comes in. My older sister likes to say we act the most “our age” when we’re together. Most of the time, we are considered pretty mature but we tend to bring out the child-like attributes in each other. These arguments are usually pointless and we end up having to agree to disagree. But my older brother is one of the most intelligent and logical people I have ever met. Those intellectual conversations have stretched my thinking and taught me respectful tactics when debating and disagreeing with someone. I am very grateful for the life lesson.
2) Like father. Like son. There aren’t many people in this world I can say are like my father (mostly because those are some huge shoes to fill ). I consider Keila one of those people. They have so many similar characteristics and attributes (like the way they twist their neck when they’re frustrated!). But what I most appreciate is their ability to share wisdom and guidance while showering love and grace on a person; an outstanding quality I will miss. It will be hard to get used to not having him across the hall to ask for advice; knowing I could trust getting an honest and loving answer.

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3) Footsteps to follow. Now when I say I’m going to miss his “footsteps to follow” I don’t mean following him to West Point (I can assure you that won’t be happening). I am going to miss the way Keila very intentionally lived life for one reason and one reason only; for the glory of Jesus Christ. Many times Keila and I were compared to and known as, the younger brother or sister of our older siblings. We got used to it. Mostly it was a wonderful thing. We loved that so many people were fond of our big sister or big brother. There were times though it felt like people looked down on us because we weren’t exactly like our siblings. Like they were disappointed we weren’t good at the same things or the athletes the older ones were. When I was younger I really struggled with this. It’s hard to be compared and even harder when it’s to people you know and love. In middle school I finally started to get over this and a huge reason was Keila. He is perfectly okay marching to the beat of his own drum. It was Keila who decided to pursue West Point instead of a typical university to play football, it was Keila who decided to be on youth council in our city, and it was Keila who decided to not play basketball so he could focus on getting in to West Point. These things may seem small but they were huge to watch as a little sister. Keila took on the world with Jesus as his guide. He didn’t worry what other people thought. I will miss his example in my life each day.

I’m grateful for these past fifteen years growing up with Keila. I know God gave me the big brother I needed. I pray God will continue to bless him in this next chapter of life. What do you most appreciate about your brother or sister?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts: I really enjoyed hearing your perspective. Such a well-written piece. It was encouraging to me as a mother of small children that perhaps one day, my kids will actually like each other!

  2. I love being able to keep up with one of my favorite families in this world! Thank for sharing!

  3. Beautifully stated, Sina! I know he will miss you just as much as you are going to miss him!! Hugs to you both 🙂

  4. Sina, like your brother (and older siblings), you are extremely special! You are one of the most giving, smart and talented young ladies I have ever had the pleasure to have as a student. You’re smile lights up every room you enter. I am guessing that Keila will miss you as much as you are going to miss him. Many of us at LMS have commented how much the two of you are alike. I wish for Keila a safe journey to West Point and for you a rewarding and exciting year as a sophomore! Come visit us.

  5. Thank you for all the kind words! Please pray for my brother as he begins this new chapter in his life and maybe for me as I have to say goodbye!

  6. I love the love that flows through your family. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and before you all came along, I thought no siblings can be as close as my siblings and I were/are.
    Growing up, I am the youngest of the four Collins children. I was the black sheep of the family and most people didn’t even realize that my parents had four children. No one knew me. No one knew who I was. I honestly didn’t feel like I belonged with my family and to make matters worse, my older sister and brothers treated me like I was the “red headed step child”.
    It wasn’t until middle school where my siblings and I started building a foundation with each other because being military children, all we truly had was each other.
    Our friendship grew and we learned to appreciate one another. When my oldest brother had gone off to college, it was weird. C4 had officially became C3 once we moved from Kentucky to Washington. I missed him a lot eventhough we were the biggest rivals amongst siblings. I mean who would be there to debate with me about unimportant topics right? But he called often and visited just about every holiday, so in the end it was like he never really left anyways.

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