Justus 98-46

Justus’s Story

We’ve created the #TeamJustus page to give those of you interested in Justus’ story a place to read about the entire journey. At the time of writing this page the journey was still ongoing. Most of what you will read here first appeared as Facebook posts. We used Facebook as a way to inform our family and close friends of the progress Justus was making. Somewhere along the way, God used Justus’ story to encourage and awaken an amazing number of people to begin praying. Literally people from all over the world became part of #TeamJustus and have been praying for him ever since. Here is the background of what happened.

Alyse and Jason Nikolao (Justus’ parents) moved to Tigard, Oregon after living in Nashville for 4 years.  Alyse completed her ARNP at Vanderbilt in Family Practice and Midwifery. They have 2 children Justus, 4 and his sister Amaya 2. Justus loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, singing Katina songs and riding his bike at the park. He has memorized a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet, has a very charismatic personality, makes people laugh and loves life! 

Justus felt sick on Tuesday and Wednesday July 28th/29th. On Thursday, Alyse took him to the Dr. and she said Justus had a virus that would have to run its course. He had a low-grade fever and was lethargic. On Friday he woke up and was still lying around not saying much and his condition seemed to have worsened. His parents made a decision to take him to the emergency room. On the way to the car in Jason’s arms, Justus became unresponsive and 911 was called.

Justus was taken to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital ER in Portland, Or. He spent 7 hours being evaluated and was admitted with an initial diagnosis of viral encephalitis. His condition continued to worsen, the biggest issue being swelling of the brain and seizure activity.  He was moved to Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU).

We covet your prayers and welcome you to read about his journey and our journey as hs family. You are certainly welcome to follow the story via Facebook.

We will continue to post the latest updates here at Axis Ministries.

For those that have asked how to help Alyse & Jason out with donations, please visit: http://www.gofundme.com/teamjustus