#TeamJustus Prayer Requests

Thank you for praying for all the needs of #TeamJustus! What a privilege to join our hearts together in prayer.

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This page has been set up to provide a central place for prayer requests shared on #TeamJustus. We can’t be responsible for the accuracy of these as we are counting on those providing the information. If your request is on here and you’d rather it not be, please let us know and we will happily remove it from the list. For most of the requests you will find links to their story or GoFundMe page. Please comment if you’d like a prayer request added to this list.

Forest Killeen, son of one our Doernbecher  Starbucks baristas, who was born early and is in the NICU at Randall. Please pray he will grow strong and healthy so he can go home with his family soon.

Kim Steffen Pakney – Bob is in the hospital with pneumonia – worried abut sepsis.

Freeman Staley – born premature – trouble with lung development – pray for decisions first time parents are having to make

Stephanie Schultz’s niece – burned badly – life flighted to Utah

Emma Claire – heart transplant

Owen – 6 yr old boy – head injury & cranial pressure – at Doernbecher’s – had same surgery as Justus to remove part of his skull

Cait Sarin – In the hospital – trying to regulate her heart – wisdom needed on regulating all of her meds

Tina Ryan’s friend – lung surgery (10/13/15)

Ryleigh – Heart Anamoly – Pray for a quick recovery so she keeps her surgery date.

Keelie Grace – Cancer has returned (patient at Doernbecher’s) – mother’s name Tiffany

Jeffrey – Drug Addiction

Kenneth Etheridge – Horrible Motorcycle accident –

Walter Haney – Marine Vet shot in a home invasion – His story and Go Fund Me Page

Jackson (Jack) David Yancey -craniofacial microsomia – His Story and Go Fund Me page

Tess Danielson – Breast Cancer – Tess’ Prayer Page

Bridger Lowery – mono, rhinovirus, and enterovirus – His Story and Go Fund Me Page

Joseph Dees family – died of brain cancer – His foundation he started for sick children

Amora Danielle-Lemuta Scherer’s family – still born at 9 months – GoFundMe page

Ava – Neuroepithelial Brain Tumor – Pray for Ava Facebook Page

Caleb Hanby’s wife & family – Died of Cancer – Their story

Nate the Great – Praying for a miracle and for answers –

Gracie – Brain tumor – Her story and to support her

Karsen Lee Mosley’s family – 18 month old Karsen passed away – His story

Daniel Lyon – Firefighter burned in the ICU – His Story

26 thoughts on “#TeamJustus Prayer Requests

  1. My 54 yr old niece Debbie M. McCormick just diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic leukemia My sis, Barbara Mann, in acute Rehab after knee surgery. My nephew, Randy Tallent unsaved.
    Me, that I hold onto my faith and I won’t let my little mustard seed of Faith dwindle 🙁
    Pray for complete healing for Virginia Rose Vandermark~4 yr old Leukemia Visit Virginia Rose’s Cancer Support page
    and don’t forget #TEAMJUSTUS ♡

    • Marie, I’m praying for all of these needs. More importantly, God is aware of each one of them and cares. I’m also praying for you that your faith will remain strong. I pray against the spirit of doubt, confusion, frustration, shame and guilt. Instead I pray for God’s peace to be upon you and those you are lifting up in prayer. Blessings to you. David & Kelli

    • Marie, I come to this page every morning and it is a privilege to join so many others in lifting up each of your prayer requests. That is a lot for you to handle all at once! I praise God that He is able to walk you through this and increase your faith through His mighty power. May you take comfort in knowing folks all around the country and the world are lifting up Debbie, Barbara, Randy, Virginia Rose, ~ and you! With love in our mighty God, Betsy

  2. please pray for Colton Owen. Recovering from leukemia. Just had bone marrow transplant. Fighting a cold, mouth sores, and boredom from being in isolation. This is his 2nd battle with cancer. He is 10. His sister is also a cancer survivor. Please pray for peace for his family as well. Thank you.

    • Oh Karen, we are praying for Colton. It’s so hard to imagine all that he is dealing with at 10 years of age. We’re praying for complete healing and peace for his family. God is able and God is good. The moon is round!

    • Dear Karen, I am lifting up Colton right now. I pray that he will sense the presence of Jesus right there with him and find ways to combat his boredom. And I pray for you as you are an encouragement to Colton and his family. With love from SC, Betsy

  3. Please keep my Grandaughter ( Age 7) in your Hearts and your prayers As she faces life with a Mother who was incarcerated today because of her addictions. She lost her Daddy before she was even 2 Years of age. She is a Beautiful little girl who deserves all the good things that Life has to offer. It is so hard to see the pain that our Loved ones have to endure. Thank you so much for your kindness. We keep your precious Justus in our prayers.

    • Ellen, I will add your beautiful little granddaughter to the list. I’m so glad God never tires from hearing our prayers. Thanks for lifting up Justus. May the Lord bless your grandma heart through all of this!

    • Praying healing and comfort into your situation and into your granddaughter’s life, believing God to empower you and the granddaughter to live abundantly through the power of Jesus Name as you go through this season of separation and loss.

    • Dear Ellen, my heart aches with you. And I pray this morning for your granddaughter and her mom, that both will find comfort in the loving presence of Jesus. I pray your granddaughter will grow up strong and secure in the knowledge that she is deeply loved by you and by our Lord, and I pray that her mother meets Christians in jail who will witness to the healing power of Jesus and that He will guide her into a life of sobriety. I pray also for all grieving the loss of her daddy. Addiction, in my opinion, is of satan, and he is delighted to see it bring horror and death into families. But Jesus is Victor! Always, He is victor and nothing, not even addiction can separate us from His love. Blessings to you this day. With love from SC

  4. Please pray for Jackson (Jack) David Yancey. He was born to Preston and Hillary Yancey on September 28th, and is now in the NICU. They’ve known from his 20 week ultrasound that this stay in the NICU was likely. What in the womb appeared to be a severe facial cleft that caused his right eye to go unformed later turned out to also leave him without a right ear, and doctors were concerned about the size of his chin. Since he’s been born the doctors have reevaluated Jackson’s condition and have concluded instead that he has a craniofacial microsomia. This means Jackson’s right side of his face is smaller and underdeveloped compared to the left. This means that Jack’s right side of his face is smaller and underdevloped when compared to the left. This is also the cause of his right eye and ear not forming. This also caused his lower jaw to not form properly which means Jackson has come difficulty breathing and swallowing.

    The craniofacial microsomia is much more complicated than the cleft they originally believed he had. Doctors are waiting to decide (it’s an answer to prayer that they’ve chosen to wait!) if Jackson needs a tracheostomy.

    The immediate prayer is that Jackson’s doctors would recommend that the procedure not be done at all, or at the very least that they would be given more time to wait and see how Jackson does. Thus far the NICU nurses and doctors have been encouraged by how Jackson is doing breathing and swallowing on his own. They have agreed to advocate for waiting on / not having the surgery.

    The other requests follow, and are written by Jackson’s dad, Preston, from Jackson’s gofundme page: “From the beginning, we have been ready to receive Jack with whatever he had or needed help with. At the same time, we felt compelled to pray that God would bring about a miraculous healing. We still feel compelled to pray for that, because even when it seems impossible, nothing is too wonderful for God. At the same time, we have to make plans, trust that there is a faithfulness to preparing with the information we have been given, and knowing that God can still come into the midst of it and surprise us all.”

    More updates on Jackson from his mom and dad can be found on Jackson’s gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/bringjackshome

    • Dear Haley, I pray for little Jackson and his parents and doctors this morning. May all who minister to Jackson and to those who love him be touched by the reality of our God’s tremendous love and intimate concern for them. Praying with love in SC this morning. Betsy

  5. Praying for folks that are listed. Would like prayer for my grandson Jeffery who is struggling to overcome his drug addition. He looks awful and is so close to death. He is attending a church so I pray that his heart is changed to accept Jesus. He once said that there is a devil in him. His mom is very stressed over this too. Thank you for praying.

      • Thank you, my grandson was touched when he was told that his name was on a large prayer site. He said wow, I guess people do care about me. He is still attending his meetings and most importantly he is attending the church meeting with a former addict who is now on fire for the Lord.. Thank you so much for the prayers

  6. Thank you to whomever added Walter Haney to the pray list. I just went to add the request myself & it was already there! A God sighting, indeed!

  7. It is such a blessing to lift up each prayer for all of those listed here. Thank you so much, David and Kelli, for keeping up with #TeamJustus in so many ways, on so many levels. I can “see” rivers of living water flowing out of each circumstance of suffering, each instance of the presense of Jesus with those who are hurting and we who are praying. I know what it is to have a seriously ill young child, I know what it is like to beg for a son to be released from addiction, and I know what it is to lose a child. These things enable me to pray fervently for those on this list, and with a growing understanding of God’s sovereignty and depth of intimate compassion and mercy. Thank You, Lord Jesus for the families represented here on this page, and thank You for hearing every prayer.

  8. My husband and I pray for sweet Justus. I know Alyse from Menlo Park Pres. Thank you for your words and wisdom! We are definitely going through a storm at a time when we’d love to be rejoicing – I am 25 weeks pregnant with our first baby (a boy)! We are living overseas in Australia for two years, so we are away from our family, but thankfully have a great church here. A few weeks ago, my mom got a diagnosis of ocular lymphoma (eye cancer). She starts chemo tomorrow. We’d love your prayers for her healing. My husband, Jordan, and I flew back to California last minute so that we could see her before her treatment started and Jordan came down with flu like symptoms. After we got back to Australia, he developed a new symptom – his eyes were blurry. We went to an eye doctor who found uveitis in both eyes. The good news is that it is usually treatable…the bad news is that people who develop uveitis often have an underlying condition or autoimmune disorder. So, the doctor ordered a bunch of blood tests and a chest X-ray to check for signs of such things. We are desparately praying that this is a one off response to a virus/infection and that there is nothing underlying going on and praying his vision is completely restored with no recurrances. Thank you so much for your prayers!

    • Dear Jessica, I am lifting up each of your very serious concerns. I have family at Menlo Pres and am grateful that you too, are connected to such a loving church family. Praying for you, your husband, your baby, and for your mom. God’s blessings be with you in every way today. With love from SC, Betsy

  9. Please pray for my friend who lost her baby at 22 weeks. He was a perfect baby boy born too early.

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