Thriving in School

We will be adding more and more resources here to help families thrive in school. While much of our attention has been on public school, we will be considering all school options. The vast majority of American kids continue to attend public school. Because of that we wrote the book Going Public to encourage and equip those parents. We hope you will come back often as we continue to add materials and references  for your child’s education.

We recently spoke in Jacksonville, Florida and referenced the following two articles. Here are the links to those articles.

This is an article that shows what can happen when parents work together to change the culture of a local public school.

This article demonstrates what it means to bless our teachers.


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2 thoughts on “Thriving in School

  1. Hi David and Kelli! are you still doing any speaking within Washington State, and, if so, are you still speaking about Christian families in the public schools? I think there would be an interest in a seminar about that in the Wenatchee area. I am the children’s ministry director at a Presbyterian Church there, and would love to know more about how that works! Thanks!

    • Hey Laura,
      We are in the process of getting back on track with several areas of our ministry. We had to cancel a couple of speaking engagements this fall because of our grandson’s illness. Right now we haven’t scheduled anything until we have a chance to get caught up on our projects with the Axis Ministries website. We’re really excited about our podcast and some upcoming webinars and our parenting eBook series launching in just a couple of weeks. Thanks so much for asking and we’ll pray the Lord works it out for us to be able to come to the Wenatchee area in the near future. Blessings to you!