PWTG Episode 037: The 8 Things to Remember When You Talk to Your Kids About Traumatic events


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What should you do when tramatic events take place? Whether those events happen in our home (a sick child, a car accident) or we hear about them on the news (9-11 or Orlando, Florida); it’s hard to know what or how much we should  tell our children. After all, we want to help them process trauma, but we don’t want to damage our child’s psyche. That’s why in today’s episode we offer you eight things to consider when dealing with trauma.

  1. The adult response informs how the  children process what is happening.
  2. Talk about what our family believes and why?
  3. Be available to talk, but don’t pressure our child to talk on our timetable… and keep asking questions.
  4. Be appropriate with each child based on their individuality as well developmentally.
  5. Draw pictures of what they’re feeling… use of role playing
  6. Use  faces with different emotions to help our children get in touch  with how they are feeling.
  7. Reaffirm the bridge of conversation between you and your child. Let them  know it’s ok to talk about anything at any time.
  8. Teach and practice the language our family will use in response to the trauma.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of things to consider. But these 8 things will help you better converse with your own chid whenever something traumatic happens – in or out of your immediate family! Come check out Episode #38 of Parenting with Truth and Grace.