PWTG Episode 035: Athletics: How to be a Positive Influence

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We watch TV. We see guys like Russell Wilson being featured because he’s visiting the Children’s HospitalView More: and signing autographs for disabled kids. We hear stories about superstars like Stephen Curry making a positive impact for the gospel. But those are big named, professional athletes. Have you ever wondered, “So how can my son/daughter and our family positively influence those around us through athletics?”

Maybe you’ve seen that commercial for the Pac 12 Conference. The tagline goes something like this… almost every athlete will go pro in something other than athletics. Because the reality is, very, very, very few people will ever reach super star status. Therefore, if you waiting for your child to be the next Russell Wilson, then in all probability you will be waiting a long, long time!

But your child can be an influence right now. And your family can make an impact as well. In today’s podcast, we talk about ways we can be a positive influence, right where we are and right away! If you haven’t had a chance, this is the third in a series of three podcasts on athletics and our children. You can check out the other two right here:

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