PWTG: Episode 030 – The main strategy we used to raise siblings that got along.

In this week’s podcast episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace, we talk about the main strategy we used to raise siblings that not only got along, but relationally thrived with each other. You can listen to the podcast here. Also, if you haven’t already subscribed, why don’t you subscribe now so you automatically get each week’s newest episode?

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image1Has it ever happened at you house? Little brother is bugging big brother and you can hear them going at it verbally. You try to ignore it, but it continues. Then in predictable fashion the back and forth escalates and big brother winds up hurting his younger sibling. The younger one, crying, comes running to you, “Mom! Billy hit me really hard.”

Of course you didn’t see the whole thing, but you still take it out on the older sibling because… well because they are the older one! After all they should know better… Right?!?!

In today’s podcast we discuss a principle and strategy that we’ve used with all of our kids as they’ve grown up. It’s allowed us to raise kids that get along in a healthy way (not perfectly by any stretch!). But it’s also provided an avenue to disciple our children in the area of servant leadership, authority, and humility.

We call it Age Hierarchy and we know it works. We trained others to do this with amazing results. We hope you will listen to this episode and tell us what you think. We’ll be doing a more in depth training on sibling affection at a later date. But for now, we hope you will enjoy this episode of Parenting with Truth & Grace!

3 thoughts on “PWTG: Episode 030 – The main strategy we used to raise siblings that got along.

  1. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple of months now and I have loved every episode. Thank you for your wonderful advice on parenting and marriage. I love I mean LOVE this topic. I didn’t know there was a name for it… Age Hierarchy! I have loved this idea because reapecting your elders makes sense. Even if your brother or sister are older by a few year it makes sense that they get some kind of honor. I couldn’t believe when you mention the thing about the car. I do that because I was sick of shotgun fight!!! My kids know that when an old person then them comes in the car they move on back! No fighting. Ever. Its automatic. My husband doesn’t buy into that and still hear them fighting over it when they ride with him and even my husband gets involved trying to remember to sat shotgun first. Lol. I can already imagine how it could work bringing this into the home. Elevating if you will their calling for responsibility. Thanks again.


    • Hi Nereida! Thank you so much for sharing! This is one of the most unusual things we share with parents! We have seen the fruit of this since our oldest is 32 and we can speak from having done this the whole time our kids were growing up. It has also given our children an awareness in other situations as to who should eat first or sit first or be the first in line in places like school, athletics and in the work place. We have seen our kids grow into strong leaders because of this training and way of living life in our home. We are really big proponents!! Happy Mothering!! David and Kelli

  2. This was a VERY interesting episode!! I can not wait for my husband to listen this week so that we can talk about implementing this strategy. We have a ton of sibling rivalry in our home, hate it and want to change it! We’ve tried several different things with no success. Please keep this material coming!! What about 2 podcasts per week?? 😀😉

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