PWTG Episode 028: Interview with Carl and Drea DeyArmin

1378583_10202310805115427_787723150_nIn this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we interview Carl and Drea DeyArmin. Carl is the pastor of North River Community Church in Cosmopolis Washington. Drea has a blog at

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Favorite Verse or Quote – Romans 8:1 There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Because it reminds us that our flaws as parents won’t lead to condemnation from God… but it also challenges us to pass that same heart onto our children.

Parenting Failure – When his eight year old son disobeyed him, Carl’s reaction was not the fatherly reaction he wanted to have. The worst part came later when his son tried to apologize. You’ll appreciate Carl’s transparency with this story.

Parenting Ah-ha Moment – Drea tells her experience as a first time mom and how difficult the first year was. Again, her transparency will encourage some of you young moms out there struggling to survive that first year of parenting. She has an Ah-ha moment right around the one year mark that truly is what makes parenting so wonderful and unique.

Proudest Parenting Moment – A series of moments… when they watch their children celebrate each other.

One thing you are excited about in this season – They share about the excitement and nervousness because they are starting to see the signs of a coming teenager!

Lightning round –

  • Greatest fear – Drea had heard all of the statistics of pastor’s kids.
  • Best parenting advice you’ve ever received – Carl: “Date my wife!” Time together has kept the romance alive and the kids see that.
  • One of your personal habits that contributes to your success – Continually seeking knowledge. Asking older parents for advice and wisdom.
  • Internet Resource – Audio adventures, Focus on the Family Radio Theater, Lamplighter Theater.
  • Parenting Book – The Duties of Parents by JC Ryle

One thing they would do differently – They would work a little harder to not deliver in a Honda Civic in 17 degree weather on the side of the road. But you’ll love their answer of why they don’t want to start over!

Top 3 Priorities for parenting –

  1. Drea: Seek a lot of knowledge from your peers, but also from the older women in your life.
  2. Didn’t realize the depth of the emotion… the hardest thing we’ve ever done but the best thing we’ve ever done.
  3. We were not designed to have it all figured out, but rather to rely on Christ for all things… including our parenting.