PWTG Episode 025: Interview with Sam and Kathi Katina

In this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we interview Sam and Kathi Katina. They currently live in Nashville Tennessee. They have been married for almost 25 years and have four beautiful daughters. Sam is also the key board player and oldest of the five brothers making up the gospel group known as The Katinas.

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11071742_921072971256313_3369206862900491212_nFavorite Verse or Quote – “The Secret of success is the success of what you do in secret.” 

Parenting Failure – Kathi recalls a story of a road trip when the girls were young. She remembers saying something that was obviously spoken in an unkind tone towards Sam.  To her surprise, she got corrected by her then six year old, “Mommy you are talking very tough”. Kathi realized that her words were being listened to and the example we set as parents in how we talk to other people and each other in the family was critical in teaching our children.

Parenting Ah-ha Moment – The day their daughter, a senior in high school, came home and said, ” MOM! My friend’s mom has never apologized to her.” The senior assumed all parents have apologized when they messed up. It was a normal thing in the Katina home and even now as grown kids they have a healthy enough relationship with each other to apologize when they are wrong.

Proudest Parenting Moment – Sam, in a very open and transparent moment, shares the story of his daughter, born out of wedlock when he was only fifteen years old. A daughter he didn’t even know about until he was married to Kathi with children of their own. He shares that part of their journey as a family was finding Shauna and welcoming her into their family. Sam was so proud and grateful of how his wife came along side him and journeyed through that chapter, but also how open and loving his three younger daughters were to their older sister.

One thing you are excited about in this season – Sam has traveled their whole marriage and it’s all their daughters have ever known. When he is on the road Kathi functions as a single mom. The girls are grown up now and Sam is getting the chance to really see the work he and Kathi have put into them. They recently were able to visit their two girls attending Lee University and had a teacher on behalf of each girl pull them aside at different times to compliment them on how great their girls have raised. So to start seeing the real fruit of their parenting has been fun and exciting.


The Katinas

Lightning round – 

  • Greatest fear – Bringing their two cultures together and finding a single path to parenting their girls.
  • Best advice – Wake up every morning and think about how you are going to out serve your spouse.
  • One of your personal habits that contributes to your success – Talking with other parents and knowing in the end that God chose you to specifically be your kids mom and dad.
  • Parenting book – Your Girl” by Whitney Courtney and “The Power of a Praying Parent” by Stormie Omartian

One thing they would do differently – Sam wishes he would have done a better job of setting the temperature for the family… not making everything out to be such a big deal.

Top 3 Priorities for parenting – 1) Make prayer together a priority. 2) Learn how to have fun with your spouse 3) Make major decisions together.


10,000 Reasons by The Katinas

The Katinas