PWTG Episode 017: Interview with Gus Lee (Part 2)

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In this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we finish our interview with Gus Lee. He is a nationally-Gus-Leerecognized ethicist and leadership consultant to fifty professions and industries. He has been married for thirty seven years and has two biological and two adopted kids. As a self proclaimed recovering coward he specializes in courageous leadership.

You will be blessed by Gus’ transparency and deep understanding of what it takes to be courageous and to train up courageous children.


Parenting Failure

The moment he realized he had become his father. A time that served as an epiphany for him when he was jealous of his own son because he had a roof over his head, food on the table, a good mom, and lots of toys.

Parenting Ah-ha Moment

When her daughter wanted a sleep over on a weekday and the answer was no so she yelled at him. He wanted to fight back but instead replied with “yeah i must seem really clueless” and she calmed down. He was able to calmly abide to the rules regardless of her response and express his love for her, that his decision had nothing to do with his love for her.

Proudest Parenting Moment

Walking his daughter through a time with her friend on how to talk through a situation with her in a Godly and respectful way.

Son witnessed a camp counselor at age 13 break safety rules and in a very mature, Godly way let him know that he needed to turn himself in or he was going to tell the camp director. At a very young age he was validating high character behavior.

One thing you are excited about in this season

Lightning round –

  • Greatest fear – That he would turn out like his father.
  • Best advice you ever received- Always model unconditional respect for everyone.
  • One of your personal habits that contributes to your success – Disciplining himself to listen instead of react. 
  • Recommended Books – Anything by James Edwards and NT wright after virtue. Also anything by Oz Guiness
  • Favorite Internet Resources – Podcast of  Tim Keller pastor Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NY city.

One thing they would do differently

Stories of Jesus early on in his kids lives

Top 3 Priorities for parenting 

  1. Instruct and train your kids in the teachings of Jesus.
  2. Learn how to self govern.
  3. Respect and honor all persons, especially those who are hard to.