PWTG Episode 015: What are You Doing to Prepare Your Kids for the New Year?

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We had a wonderful Christmas season with our children. As we close out one year and welcome in the next, there are some specific things we try to do each year. Here are our kids as we try to get a family picture! Have you ever tried to herd cats?

Even though we are almost two weeks into 2016, we get questions about the new year and goal setting. In this episode, we spend sometime talking about what we’ve come to do in our home around New Year’s Day! If you want to be more intentional in the way you prepare your kids for the new year, then you will want to listen to this week’s episode.

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5 thoughts on “PWTG Episode 015: What are You Doing to Prepare Your Kids for the New Year?

  1. Loved the podcast! Thank you! I would love to get your goal sheet but can’t seem to access it. I’m already on your mailing list but not sure how to receive this. Could you possibly email it to me?
    Thank you!

  2. I am having the same issue as Lisa, I am trying to access the goal sheet but it is asking me to sign up again. Thanks!

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