PWTG Episode 012: Our Top 10 Keys for Thriving Through the Holidays


In today’s episode we take on the conversation about the holidays. Those special seasons of the year are supposed toView More: be the best days of the year  but often there are other factors that can take away from the joy of the season. In this episode we share our Top 10 Keys to making those special times smoother and more meaningful.We’re releasing this episode right at the end of November so there is a distinct Christmas flavor, but know that these principles apply to all holidays. For that matter these are important keys to consider for all special occasions like weddings or landmark birthdays.

  1. Create Traditions: Helps to reinforce what our family is about & gives our kids something to look forward to. When you are paralyzed it gives you a track to run on. We wrote about it HERE.
  2. Manage Expectations: A heart issue of not expecting too little and not expecting too much. We need to prepare our hearts for these special occasions but also keep realistic expectations of what the holidays will look like. Also make sure you communicate what your expectations are ~ don’t get upset over unmet expectations you haven’t shared.
  3. Communicate the Calendar: Start early, especially if travel might be involved. Use technology to help – things like google calendar or google hangout. Highlight those things you would like everyone to be involved in if possible.
  4. Stay Connected: be available, be responsive and communicate your acceptance of who your kids are. See our BLOG & Podcast with DR. DAVID STOOP
  5. Dealing with Santa: Talk about how your family is going to handle things like Santa Claus. How can you point your children to Jesus with Truth and Grace?
  6. Take Care of Your Health & Wellness: It is so much easier to be on top of things when we are staying healthy.
  7. Spend Time Serving Together: The reason for all of these principles is to enjoy each others company. Make sure in the midst of all the craziness you remember to do that!
  8. Master Hospitality: Teach your kids how to be great hosts and great guests. Check out our post HERE.
  9. Come up with a Budget: Start early, but be proactive in this area. Nothing can derail the holidays as quickly as money arguments.
  10. Yours, Mine or Our way: This is a wonderful opportunity to work on the blending of two families. You each come into the marriage with things you have done growing up. Make it a point to talk about differences as opposed to right or wrong. Then you can work on combining and dropping and keeping traditions for your family.

The bottom line is to enjoy these Years with your children. The holidays should be joyous times and instead we can often find ourselves fighting with the people we love the most. These 10 keys won’t prevent all strife during those special seasons, but it will go a long way in setting your family up to enjoy these awesome days. What are you fondest memories growing up of your family Christmas?  Be sure to subscribe to our PODCAST HERE and would you do us the honor of giving us an honest rating and review. Thanks so much for all of your support. Make sure you take time this holiday season to enjoy your family and to really celebrate the beauty of the season you’re in.