PWTG Episode 007: Interview with Christopher and Suzanne Williams


In this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we interview Christopher and Suzanne Williams.christopher suzanne

Hailing from Nashville, but nothing like your typical Nashville songwriter, Christopher Williams is a songwriter, storyteller, and entertainer – offering songs that are honest and confessional, yet never overbearing; and performances that engage audiences with an appealing mix of intense passion and humor. Christopher and Suzanne have been married ten years and have one son, Hudson, age four. Suzanne is the Southern Division coordinator for Capernaum, Young Life’s Ministry to kids with special needs. They are an amazing young family learning how to do marriage, family and life honestly and with incredible grace.

They’ve been married 10 1/2 years. 4 1/2 year old named Hudson.

Favorite Verse or Quote – A parent is a fierce advocate through crisis for their children, a reminder of beauty in every season and a fierce advocate in the midst of fear.

Parenting Failure – Every year around Hudson’s birthday he seems to have this really uncharacteristically poor behavior. It’s a November birthday so last December we were traveling for an early Christmas to be with 10 cousins and Hudson was  in the midst of this birthday behavior. We wound up traveling home on different flights and when Christopher left us, Hudson had a complete melt down. He just went wild and out of control. I (Suzanne) lost my patience. It got worse and worse until finally I just sat down and burst into tears in the middle of the Dallas airport. Hudson stopped and began crying too. So there we were sitting together crying, until he asked me, “Mommy, why are you crying?” The night turned on that event, and really even after that. When I reflect back I realize that behavior wasn’t reflective of his heart.

Parenting Ah-ha Moment – Because Suzanne does ministry with kids with special needs Hudson has grown up around them his whole life. One day Hudson had an encounter with a special needs kid who was tall and scared Hudson. By listening to him and his heart and what he was afraid of, they realized that Hudson really wanted to know the person.

Proudest Parenting Moment – The moments when Hudson’s heart responds to the needs of other people without the prompting of anyone else.

One thing you are excited about in this season – Immediately, they are excited to be together. They both travel for work and right now they are able to be together through the summer. Life wise, they are excited about going through the process of realizing there is a possibility that Hudson might be their only child… ever. On the one hand their grieving, but on the other hand celebrating what the Lord might do with that.

Lightning round – 

  • Greatest fear – my own selfishness
  • Best parenting advice – every hard season is just a season
  • One of your personal habits that contributes to your success – 1) no TV – limited to no screen time – 2) the community that Hudson has grown up in

One thing they would do differently – They were on the tail end of a house remodel leading up to Hudson’s birth. They were both exhausted and therefore impatient. They would definitely not have planned their house remodel at that time.

Top Priorities for parenting – 1) continual exposure and conversation about who Jesus is and what it means to be in relationship with him 2) be engaged with Hudson. They have two full time jobs, so staying aware of what can keep them from engaging when they have the opportunity to be with him. For instance realizing how much of a distraction phones can be.

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