What Parents can Learn From Matt Ryan… (Yes I know they lost!)

Did you know that the 7 most watched broadcasts in history have been Superbowls? A 30 second commercial sells for a measly $5 million! It is the second largest food consumption day in America… second only to Thanksgiving!

So what does the Superbowl and one of it’s quarterbacks, Matt Ryan, have to do with parenting?

Well if you’ve been following our FREE video series, then you know our First Video was all about GRIT . Grit, as Angela Duckworth of Penn University describes it, “Is sticking with things over the very long term until you master them.”

More importantly for parents, this character trait, GRIT, is the single best predictor of your child’s future success!

Which brings me to this year’s Superbowl and Atlanta’s quarterback, Matt Ryan. Last year, at the age of 30 (which is getting up there in the NFL), Ryan had almost his worst year ever. To be sure, we’re talking about someone who has attained an incredible level of success. But… none the less, he had an awful year, leading many to wonder if Ryan would begin to simply fade off into football oblivion.

Instead, Ryan did what is available to anyone… he got “gritty”! He worked extra hard in the off-season. He even hired instructors to work with his footwork and throwing mechanics. The result? A record setting year and the title of the Most Valuable Player in the entire National Football League!

The same determination that landed Ryan in the Superbowl, is available to your kids. In Video One ¬†we give you the tools – if you put them in place, to develop grit in your kids. And grit is the best way to prepare your kids for their future… but you need to start now!


In Video 2, we warn you about a common practice that parents (like Kelli and me) are guilty of. This practice actually undermines our kids development of grit! We also give you strategies to overcome this powerful trap and make you a different and more effective parent!


We hope you’ll check out these videos. And if you watch the Superbowl, remember the character trait that took Matt Ryan from his worst year to his best year, is available to your kids. Let us show you how!

David & Kelli