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Dani’s Digs ~ Parenting Product of the Week:

Parents!! Is putting your kids in their high chair to eat their meals throughout the day your chance to have five seconds to yourself or to go to the bathroom?! But all too often even that five minutes is interrupted by your kids throwing their plate on the ground to get your attention and your only option is to clean up their mess and make sure they actually eat food. Well this week on Dani’s Digs I want to introduce you all to EzPz mats! Some of you may have seen them on shark tank! They are an all in one place mat and plate (or bowl) that suctions to your table so that your kids can’t spill or throw their plate of food. In my opinion the $20 investment for my meal time sanity is totally worth it. I am able to sit my one year old down with a plate of food and actually power clean, or pay a bill without having to worry about him throwing his plate across the room. Here’s the LINK!

Parenting Tip of the Week:

We naturally tend to parent the way we were parented, most of which we are so thankful for!  However, for all of us, there are aspects we consiciously or unconsciously have thought, “I want to do that differently.” It takes an intentional look at ourselves to change. Pray that God would open your eyes to the way He is growing you through the parenting of your children to respond in new and better ways.

Parenting Resource of the Week:

Chore Monster – – How would you like your kids to WANT to do chores? Chore Monster is designed to do exactly that. The secret is the way it incentivizes chores. No chore charts required. ChoreMonster is a suite of web and mobile apps that make chores fun for kids.

In this episode of the Parent Mentor we interview Trivinia Barber. She is a wife, mother, and the founder and owner of Priority VA. She has great wisdom for all parents, but if you are particularly interested in figuring out ways to generate income from home, then you will really want to hear what Trivinia has to share.

She has been married for sixteen years. Has four daughters ages four to fourteen. Two of her girls came to them biologically and two of them came via adoption and the foster care system.

Her aha moment is worth the entire interview. It’s a great reminder for all of us who find ourselves busy with the work of parenting and raising a family. Here are some of her answers from the episode and the links to the resources we talk about.

Favorite Verse or Quote – Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Parenting Miss – She hates being late. One day when her daughter was 5 and was making her late. Trivinia was taking it out on her daughter… snapping at her… because of her own unhealthy relationship with time.

Aha Moment – You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear about her aha moment that followed that interaction. Her daughter asked her if her (Trivinia’s) mom yelled at her like this, because she didn’t want to do that when she became a mommy!!!

Proud Parenting Moment – The time her daughter dropped a huge fire extinguisher on her foot in the middle of a store. Her reaction in the moment was very different that it often happened. She sprung into mama bear mode… was encouraging and affirming and quick to respond. Ultimately it became a catalyst for strengthening her relationship with this daughter.

Lightning Round – 

  • Greatest fear – found out she was having a girl and cried because she didn’t want to have to raise herself.
  • Best advice you’ve ever received – Teach your children that your love is unconditional, but your blessing is not (they need to earn that). ~ Naveen Jain
  • Personal habit that has been important on this parenting journey – little moments of going out for ice cream have been monumental moments of connecting together.
  • Internet resource – Chore Monster App
  • Book – Jim Shiels – The Family Board Meeting

Chance to do it over again – Asked for help!

Top 3 Priorities for parenting – 

  1. Pray with the kids more
  2. Spent more time on her knees praying for them
  3. Date night with her husband

For parents wanting to find ways to earn money from home, Trivinia is the founder and owner of Priority VA. Being a VA or Virtual Assistant is a great way to use your skills from home. If you are interested then Priority VA can help. For more information visit her website at

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