The Parent Mentor: Episode 007 – Caroline Kusin Pritchard

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Parenting Tip of the Week: Study Table!

This week’s tip may seem obvious to some of you, but it was a game changer for our home and many others that we have encouraged to do the same thing. Often times families leave study time/place to the discretion of their children. We found that creating a particular space and time for them to gather (we chose the dining room table) allowed for us to be available to help whichever one needed help. We weren’t legalistic about this, after all, there were evenings we had to work around basketball games or Young Life. But we had a very regular time each night that we asked them to gather for at least an hour. If they didn’t have homework, then they could work on something they enjoyed. Some families even create caddies to hold all of the pens, paper, etc. their kids might need. The goal was to create a habit and routine of studying.

Parenting Resource of the Week: Khan Academy

No surprise… this week’s resource of the week is Khan Academy. In fairness there are other similar resources out there, but since our guest is from Khan Academy, we thought it appropriate to feature Khan. If you have a favorite, then certainly use it. But if you’ve never used any of these sites, then we highly recommend you get familiar with Khan academy and all that it can offer you. Here is a link to their website.

Khan Academy

Dani’s Digs ~ Parenting Product of the Week: Duck Duck Moose

I am so happy that you all got to hear from my sister Caroline! As you heard she currently works for Khan Academy. Not only are they an awesome company designed to help kids thrive in our education system today, but they also help kids prepare for school. They have an awesome set of Apps called DUCK DUCK MOOSE LLC – games geared towards education or building skills in one way or another. Plus the BONUS of it being a great way to balance healthy screen time for your kids. My daughter has no idea she is working her brain when she is doing “moose math” which is her favorite thing to do on the iPad. Not to mention, just like everything else with Khan Academy, all the games are FREE! These apps are appropriate for all aged kids and are such a fun way to learn!

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