The Parent Mentor: Episode 006 – Goal Setting & Your Kids

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 Parenting Tip of the Week: Teach Your Kids to Goal Set!


Plan to do a goal setting session with your kids. We’ve done ours as part of the New Year’s celebration, but you can choose a time that is good for your family. Goal setting is a great habit to teach your kids and the first of the year is a natur

al time to do it. We created sheets that we ask the kids to fill out each year. No, they were rarely excited to do it, but it

allowed us to have a glimpse into what they wanted to achieve this coming year and how we could pray for them. We also used it as an opportunity to find out some of their favorite things. Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD if you’re interested in seeing the sheet we used.

Parenting Resource of the Week: Goal Setting Webinar

With the first of the year coming, here is a great resource for anyone, but certainly busy parents that want to consider how to goal set effectively this coming year. Michael Hyatt is as good as it gets in the area of self-improvement. Not a lot of frills and flash, but practical and useful. I (David) have used Michael’s material the past two years and it’s fantastic. He does offer a paid course, but this free webinar is well worth the time if you do nothing else. Check it out. FREE WEBINAR

Dani’s Digs ~ Parenting Product of the Week: Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart

 I thought this week I would stick to the theme of Goals! I asked mom and dad in our interview how you get younger kids involved and I know how hard that can be to implement goals at such a young age. I have a Melissa and Doug Responsibility chart that is a great way to have a visual for younger kids to get an idea of working towards something. It has things thatrange from sharing to loading the dishwasher so not only can you use it with really young kids it is also appropriate for elementary school kids as well! It has a string to hang up and it is magnetic to keep track of what they are doing! It is a fun way to implement some goals for your younger kids! Check it out HERE !!!!