Day 2 – Original Prayer Requests – Posted by David & Alyse

August 1 – Day 2 – Put out on the prayer chain by David & Kelli – Please pray for Justus Nikolao, our 4 year old grandson. Justus was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday morning for being unresponsive. He has not been well this past week feeling tired, stomach/headaches and slight fever, then Friday morning became unresponsive.
The Portland Children’s hospital is running tests but so far we do not have a diagnosis. Viral meningitis is the best guess at present. We are hoping to hear from the Dr sometime this morning.
Please pray for Justus and his parents who are very worried and trying to comfort Justus who is still really sick. Kelli is with Amaya, Justus’ 2 year old sister in Portland. Thank you in advance for your love, support and most of all your prayers. These are times we are so grateful for a praying church family that covers us and helps us keep our eyes on Him.

August 3 – Day 4 (6pm) – Posted by Alyse – Today has been confusing and difficult. We are constantly battling our desire for healing and quickness to celebrate little milestones, along with (slightly paranoid) ultra vigilance over anything that might be abnormal. Justus seems to be more comfortable, but with that is the nagging question of whether he’s more lethargic and distant. Coupled with the fact that he’s started to have a preference (vision and motor skills) to his right side; the general pediatric team and the neuro team have advised for an MRI (with and without contrast) and lumbar puncture tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is not without risk as it will be an invasive procedure (the lumbar puncture) and all will be done under sedation.This will enable them to check to see if there’s an improvement in the white blood cell count (reflective of the brain inflammation) as well as to test for the herpes virus (which, if positive would initiate an antiviral treatment) and also to see a picture of the brain and confirm that nothing else is going on. We have requested them to consult with infectious disease, to have one more team meeting to discuss the possible benefit of a quick MRI and/or EEG tonight and to make sure there is nothing else they should add work up. We are begging for pray warriors to intercede on Justus’ behalf, to ask the Great Physician to heal his mind and body, to give him peace and comfort and to watch over and protect our boy. Thank you to all of you who have sent texts and messages. We love you and will try to keep you posted.

August 3 – (10:30pm) – Posted by Alyse – Symptoms are worsening and he had what looked like 3 seizures. We called back the attending, they gave him ativan, proceeded with an immediate lumbar puncture, are planning on starting acyclovir tonight until we have LP results, and they are attempting an MRI without sedation now (since he’s pretty out from the ativan). Please pray that he holds still enough to obtain adequate images. If not, we will try again tomorrow under sedation. Please pray for my baby.

August 4 – Day 5 (6:30am) – Posted by Alyse – MRI was a success. He didn’t move and they let my dad and Jason sit In there with him. After seeing imaging (they did preliminary reading in the middle of the night), neuro confirmed that there is evidence of abnormalities consistent with his symptoms. They started keppra, dexamethasone and pepcid. He seems comfortable and stable. Thank you for your prayers

We got our info via a resident at 3am who had spoken on phone with neurologist looking at images remotely. Hoping to get more q’s answered this morning at rounds

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  1. I’ve been following Justus & the posts almost daily & it is nice to know where this all began. I am praying each time I read the posts for his complete miraculous recovery, for his parents & other sibling, and for all of those praying for Justus. Just as his grandfather has posted, this is bigger than just praying for Justus, this is a time in our lives when we need to be pressing into God all of the time & not leaning to our own understanding. I am so thankful for the posts from his grandfather! They have inspired me & encouraged me to get back to the prayer closet & to pray for Justus & all that God would lay on my heart. I am doing much better in that respect & pray that it will get even better yet!

  2. Heather Bailes. She is battling Pancreatic Cancer and received challenging news today! Please like and comment where you are praying from on this post and share with your peeps too. She needs so much love and light right now…keep Heather, her beautiful babies, hubby, and family in your prayers please! ‪#‎HeatheringTheStorm‬

    • Julina, We’ve been praying for Heather and will continue to do so. We will also remember her hubby, babies and family as well. May the Lord bless you!

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