Why You Should Avoid an M & M Marriage


I like M&M’s and I like chocolate milk. But the latter makes a much better illustration of a healthy marriage. And this week our 60 Second Family Video Series will focus on helping you create a Chocolate Milk Marriage! Check out the first video in this week’s series on Marriage. Remember you can always watch episodes you’ve missed on our website!

shutterstock_94207393Everyone goes to the altar planning for their marriage to last forever! No one goes to the altar hoping their marriage will one day end in divorce. And yet we know all too often that’s exactly what happens. In fact it might have happened to you. If so you’re probably still like the rest of us – wondering why did that happen. I know there are many who have no desire to do the necessary work for a successful marriage. But generally speaking, most people are bright, healthy, good-willed people wanting to make their marriage work. And yet we know by the statistics nearly half still fail.

Gen 2:24 tells us, “For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother and the two shall become one flesh.” So right from the start we’re given this mystery – two lives are to come together and become one flesh. What does that mean and more importantly how do we become it?

Well first understand what one flesh is NOT! It is not two people occupying the same space. It’s not living together in an undivorced state. That would be like mixing blue and pink M&M’s in the same container. They are both there, but they definitely aren’t “one flesh”. Rather one flesh looks a lot more like mixing milk with chocolate syrup. Once it’s stirred up by life, then it becomes this new thing… chocolate milk! They are indeed both occupying the same space, but now they’re inseparable (or at least not easily separated).

This week in our “Family in 60 Seconds” videos we will consider:

  • Some ways married couples will often settle for an M&M marriage
  • 2 glaring reasons why marriages will often drift apart
  • Finally, we’ll share the one true solution, if you desire a one-flesh marriage.

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