Welcome to Pritchard Family Ministries

Welcome to our Pritchard Family Ministries Blog!

Our MISSION ~ to help couples and parents grow Godly homes that influence and change our culture.

Our VISION – to reclaim the hope and belief in what God has ordained.

Our PHILOSOPHY is based on three basic foundational principles:

  • God is in charge
  • Marriage is God’s idea
  • A child’s best chance is with mom and dad as their primary mentor

May God bless you in your great calling,

David & Kelli

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Pritchard Family Ministries

  1. Hi David and Kelli,

    I wanted to take a minute to thank you for being a Godly example to me! I am not sure if you remember me, but I will never forget you! Those 2 Summers (Work Crew 2002 and Summer Staff 2003) will always be a part of my story, both as a leader of Young Life and as a Man of God. You’re example of what a Godly family is will be with me as we eventually start a family. I was raised with Exceptional parents who were a great example and I was blessed to meet you all and feel as though I was a part of your family! I see the posts of your children on Facebook and I am always encouraged. God Bless you and I hope to run into you all sometime!

    Sammy Verbis
    Work Crew, Session 2, July 2002, Wild Horse Canyon
    Summer Staff, Session 2, July 2003. Wild Horse Canyon

  2. Thank you for your ministry. My wife and I sought the Lords face and came to the decision that our children would be attending public school. My oldest boy just started school this year and we are anticipating great things and great opportunities to influence our local school. I am already a substitute teacher and have been the last 2 years, but I believe we have an opportunity to be an even greater influence as a family. My wife and I just finished reading your book “Going Public” before our child started school. It was a great help to us and helped make us feel a whole lot more confident as we entered this school year. In fact I have now started a blog to encourage other Public School parents to seek God’s guidance as they raise their children. I would love for you guys to follow it and even contribute to the blog if you guys would like! God Bless,
    Aaron McBride

    • Thanks Aaron! And blessings to your family as you take this journey together. We will definitely check out your blog and would love to contribute some time. We’ve been off line for a bit doing some traveling. We will be back regularly from now on. Thanks again for your comments!

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