Happy Fourth of July!!!


Koffee With Kelli

This day always brings back wonderful memories of family, friends, food and fireworks!! I remember waiting with great anticipation, laying on a blanket with friends, for that sound, feeling and great delight in the dark sky being lit up with brilliant colors and loud booms!!

As I mother now, July has become a month to celebrate, learn about and pray for our country. Oh I know our kids all study US History usually somewhat begrudgingly.  So how can we make it come alive and be a topic that stirs in them more than the b-word (you know… boring), BBQ’s and sparklers?


A sight I hope someday to enjoy in person!

A few of our favorite resources through the years have been these: The American Covenant by Marshall Foster. David and I did this in Sunday school long ago and we loved challenging our kids as they grew up with prompts like: “What is separation of church and state?” and “Was America founded as a Christian nation?” Another one that we used for younger children is The Light and the Glory for Children: Discovering God’s Plan for America from Christopher Columbus to George Washington by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. Its sequel is called From Sea to Shining Sea for Children. Those books lead to many others for children about American history that is different from what is learned in school. 

We listened to Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey,” For God and Country”, a 12 part series about America that highlighted the important events of our early history as part of our teaching.  And there are movies. Many we had to wait for our kids to grow up because of their intensity, but they provided great material to find out more and have great conversation on a Biblical world view of God’s plan for American.

Next, if our children have opportunity to visit Washington D.C. on a school trip, we support them in doing so. One of our daughters is fund raising right now to go next spring with her classmates. These days you can even get high school credit with a trip like that! We are really excited for her and plan to help any way possible.

We have had friends that have gone through becoming citizens and heard about all they had to learn to take the test about America. We have looked at some of those questions and wondered if we, as naturally born Americans, could pass the test!! That was eye opening for all of us!!


Dani with our family friend Miss Sharon celebrating America’s birthday!

The other emphasis during the 4th is our military and the ultimate sacrifice so many thousands have made so that we could be a free nation. This holiday always includes the somber reminder that many have a hard time today because their family members may not be celebrating with them. Thank you to those of you who have served or supported those who have. You are honored today!!

Lastly, we pray for America especially hard in July. We use the verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14 …if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear them from heaven and will forgive  their sin and will heal their land. After spending time in other parts of the world this last year and a half adopting our children, I love American in a whole new way and know God’s hand has been on our country.

There is so much more I could say about the state of the union right now in America!  But really, I believe God wants us to stay the course as mom’s teaching, salting the oats and prompting our children to have a Godly view of America complete with its challenges, strengths and purposes. So much gets taught by us even if we are not mindful of how we think or talk about America. Be aware of the messages you are sending the next generation regarding God and our country!!

Please have a wonderful, safe and grateful celebration today! One thing that we can all be united about… we have much to be thankful for today in the United States of America!!