Happy Father’s Day


Koffee with Kelli

Hello Friends!! I’ll wait while you go grab a cup of coffee. When you’re ready come back and join me!

With Father’s Day upon us, I wanted to make a few remarks about how we celebrate our dad!! First of all, it is wonderful to report that our neighborhood public elementary school still recognizes Father’s Day and has each student make a gift for their dad. I am not being sarcastic, I sincerely appreciate this gesture and the willingness to honor and expend time and energy doing this.

Our church also does a good job thanking and blessing dads in our congregation so that is also a great message from the pulpit.

At our house, we typically begin Father’s Day with breakfast in bed that all the children and I have prepared. David’s favorite is steak and eggs with toast, fresh fruit and coffee. Next we bring him the paper to read and then have him open the school gifts.

Then we go to church together adding to David’s outfit a candy or flower lei reminding us of our Samoan heritage and the important part it has played in our family. We normally take one for the Pastor too as this is very cultural.

Father's day

Hanging out with dad!

Then we come home and have a big cook out and feed our dad again!! If there is another group gift, we present it to him. But the best present of all is after the meal and gift, we all go around the table and share what we love the most about our dad.

Over the years this has evolved into meaningful blessings spoken into David from his children and me. There is laughter, tears, sweet memories of the last year and affirmation of how incredibly grateful to God that we have him for a dad.

We may take a nap, watch a movie together or go for a walk trying to gift David with not having to make any decisions for the day but doing what feels the most fun, respectful and relaxing to him!!

Many families need to address the issue of not having a dad present. In our community this often happens because of military deployments, but obviously there are other situations as well. David and I have always felt this a wonderful opportunity for the church to be a father to the fatherless.

Sometimes we have to decide whether or not to accept invitations to join with other family members for this day. There have been years when we have done this, especially when the grandfathers were alive.

I also remind the children and myself to be generous with praise to every dad we come in contact with on Father’s Day and to proclaim how grateful we are for them!!

And if you are a dad joining me for coffee today… Happy Father’s day! We love and respect you! Thank you for being a dad!