God is Bigger Than the Public Schools

That little first grader has grown up – today with her husband Karsten.

It was a strange call to get from the principal of our children’s school. Our oldest daughter was home sick which meant our second oldest, daughter Krista, was at school alone. We lived in a small town at the time and she was a first grader. School was out and we were expecting her to ride up on her bicycle any moment. Instead, we got a call from the principle.

Apparently, Krista was in his office crying, refusing to ride home. She was afraid of a boy named Tommy. According to her, this third-grade boy along with his friends, would often harass our two daughters, even showing them a knife one day. Normally, with big sister Alyse around, he was nothing more than a nuisance. With her older sibling home sick, there was no way she was taking the chance Tommy might confront her while she was all alone.

The principal was very supportive of Krista. He was upset at what our daughters had dealt with. In fact, he suggested we call the police and press charges. It was a moment we remember well. We were in a small town of under 12,000 people… we weren’t in the big, scary city. And yet, here we were faced with a situation we thought would wait at least until middle school or high school!

If you’re a parent, and your kids are in public school, maybe you’ve found yourself worried about something like this or even worse. If you would have told me, back then that one day there would be full time police officers at my children’s school, I would have laughed at you. But that’s exactly what has happened.

Last June our eighth child graduated from our public high school. Our three youngest are currently all in our local high school now. We can’t tell you it’s been a breeze, but we can say that we are grateful for how God has used public school in our family’s life. And I’d like to think, the way He has used us in the life of our public school!

It can be scary; at the same time, we know God is bigger than the public school. There are many other really great options to educate your child in America. And yet, 89% of American kids attend public school. If you are one of those families, then we wrote a book just for you. It’s called Going Public – Your Child Can Thrive in Public School. Well today we’re excited to announce a companion course, created especially for you!

Going Public: The Parenting Course. It’s designed with you the parent in mind. We know, from experience, that public school can be intimidating. We also know that, done correctly, you children can thrive in the public-school environment.

Don’t be intimidated. Let us be your Parent Mentors, to help you be confident and bold in your parenting. No matter why you are in public school, let us equip you to raise kids that will thrive! In fact, regardless of whether you are in public, private or home school, this course will change the way you parent.

Here’s what a few parents, like you, have said:

The Pritchard’s material has been a go to for us since our Kids were very young. They are a wealth of information. Just spend an hour with them or one of their amazing kids and you know what they teach they live out!  We are better parents because of the Pritchard’s tool box!
~ Meg (Aspen, CO)

Public school scared us to death, but felt like it was the best option for our family.  The Pritchard’s book Going Public as well as their blog and podcast have changed our perspective dramatically.  They have given us the tools we needed to embrace public school confidently and know how to handle difficult situations with peers and teachers.   So thankful for their wisdom and resources
~ Amelia (Apex, NC)

There’s too much in the course to tell you about in one post. If you’d like to know more about Going Public, then click below.


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