Fresh Beginnings

Some of you have been with us for a while. You know everything is different. Our website is different, our blog is different… it looks and feels different than our old site. New things can be frustrating and even irritating, but new also means fresh beginnings… a chance to start anew. Growing up we would play a game on the playground (it didn’t really matter what game). When it was your turn, if you messed up you’d ask for a “do over”. A chance to wipe the slate clean and get another chance. It’s actually a great metaphor of what God did for us when he sent Jesus on our behalf, but that’s for another blog! This fresh start is a do over for us. We hope to do some things different – better! Here’s what you can expect:

*Regular weekly blogs – you will hear from us each week as we discuss marriage and parenting issues that confront us today.

* We will have a regular feature, “Coffee with Kelli”… grab a cup of coffee and read some practical tips for moms from Kelli.

* Short video messages – we plan to share an occasional video short

* Re-posts – unfortunately with the change we were unable to transfer over all of our old blogs, so we will periodically re-post some of our favorite old posts.

* And more… we have hundreds of questions on marriage and parenting collected from messages and our live conferences. On occasion we will answer those questions here. We would also like to hear from you… what would help strengthen your marriage… what would bless your parenting? Let us know.


This past year we’ve added three new grandbabies – fresh beginnings! Nothing cries hope like a newborn baby. Today we feel like we are birthing a new baby with our new website and blog. Our hope is you will visit us often and consider subscribing to our blog. Our prayer is to be a blessing to you and your family.

Our website is or email us at

May the Lord bless you and keep you~

David & Kelli