We are excited to announce the release of our eBook, “Disciplining Effectively with Grace.”

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Am I doing this parenting thing right?” If you’re anything like us then the answer is yes! We often worried, “Are we being too hard… are we being too soft… will my kids like me… will my kids be spoiled brats?”
These are all questions that all parents ask in one fashion or another.volume 3

The good news is, God has grace for us as parents. The truth is, none of us do this parenting thing perfectly. We all count on God’s grace.

Which is why when we parent and especially when we are disciplining our kids we should do it with an enormous amount of GRACE! The good news is, while we can’t be perfect, we can be effective and healthy as we discipline our children with grace.

In this third volume of the eSeries, Parenting with Truth and Grace, we unpack the truth about discipline. God calls us to love our children… part of the way we love them is to discipline them. In “Disciplining Effectively with Grace” you will learn:

  • What you must distinguish between if you are to discipline effectively.
  • What are compounding consequences and why they are so effective.
  • How we lie to our kids.
  • Much, much more

Also, we’ve released 5 podcast episodes on this topic of discipline. You can access the show notes for those podcasts right here:

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Leave us a comment below and let us know how you are doing in the area of disciplining. What’s working? What’s not? What has you most frustrated right now with your children? What has you most excited?