Everybody Should Homeschool

Kind of a strange title for a blog about a course intended for parents with kids in public school, but it’s actually the title of chapter 11 in our book, Going Public – Your Child Can Thrive in Public School. And all these years later, we still stand by that statement. In fact, we often get the same schooling question from people once they find out we have eleven kids. Of course, the question about school usually follows the obligatory queries like, “Are they all yours?” or “Do you know what causes them?”. The QUESTION we often get is, “Do you home school?”

Kelli’s response, and she honestly means no disrespect is always the same, “Yes, I home school. And then when they turn five, I send them to the public school for more information.” You see, we never give up the responsibility as their first and most important teacher. Yes, we partner with their teachers for parts of their education, but we never relinquish that number one position.

Hear this, because this is important… what happens in the home far outweighs anything that happens out there!

Even though eight of our kids have graduated from a high school considered by the state as a low performing school, by May of this year, six of them will have graduated from college (the other two are working on their degrees). Those colleges include schools like USC, Stanford, and West Point. We only share that to illustrate the point – YOUR CHILD CAN THRIVE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL!

That’s why we created this course, Going Public: The Parenting Course. Besides our book, you get over 12 hours of video coaching, a private parenting community, some personal mentoring from us and more.

Everybody should homeschool, but if you choose to also send them to school, you need to check out Going Public.


Here’s what one mom said said:

When we were wrestling with the decision of how to navigate public school. It seemed at the time like the message I was getting from everywhere was that if we were “real” Christians, we would homeschool. That’s when I found the Pritchard’s book. It was a very pivotal experience for me and God really used their book to speak to me and to help me and my husband to clarify our resolve about supporting public school. 
~ Carolyn (Covington, PA)

Let us be your parent mentor. Let us show you how you can parent with confidence and strength… how you can raise kids that will impact the world. Check out Going Public: The Parenting Course.

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