What an Easter egg hunt taught me about life!

If you can look at this picture without breaking into a smile, then I would argue there is something not quite connecting in you! I realize, it’s my granddaughter Amaya, so I’m a little (ok, maybe a lot) biased. But still, you gotta admit, she is stinkin’ cute!

IMG_0979 2

But that’s not my point and it’s not the point of this blog. We had a wonderful Easter celebration. It’s too bad we only use that familiar greeting and response once a year on Easter Sunday. Each year I actually look forward to who will be the first person I will share the exchange with. I try to grab the advantage and be the first to say, “He is risen!” Rarely am I disappointed as I hear the response, “He is risen indeed!

This Easter was especially meaningful for us as our grandson Justus was with us. If you haven’t followed that story, you can check it out HERE. The reader’s digest version is this, on July 31st our four year old grandson, Justus, went into the hospital very ill. It turned out to be a form of Encephalitis and soon we found ourselves with a very sick little boy. Forced to place him into a medically induced coma and to remove part of his skull just to keep him alive, we reached out to our family and friends to pray. The result was #TeamJustus and an army of prayer warriors that continue to pray for that little boy today. Those prayers sustained our family through the most intense storm we have ever faced.

Against all odds Justus survived and today he continues to improve. He isn’t eating or talking, but he’s alive. There is a long journey ahead for him and his parents, but we are grateful for the many answered prayers throughout this journey. Today was another chapter in that journey as he celebrated Easter with us.

Justus 3

Music has always been closely linked to Justus throughout his young life. To watch him smile and dance around to the music brought tears to my eyes. No he’s not singing like he used to (Justus Singing), but you can see the worship music connecting with something deep inside of him.

After church, like so many, we ate a little too much with family and friends. Some of our kids are in other parts of the country so we only had twenty-nine people for Easter this year! Then wedged between dinner and our Sunday nap, we squeezed in an Easter egg hunt for the little ones.

I know some have different opinions when it comes to things like eggs and candy and Easter bunnies. We can save that conversation for another day. Suffice to say we made sure all of our kids understood, today was about celebrating a risen Jesus Christ. Which brings me to the picture of Amaya.

It was taken right as we said “GO!” to start the egg hunt. And as we watched the excitement in her eyes and the eyes of the other kids, it reminded us immediately of the childlike faith we are to possess. It reminded us of the importance of keeping the wonder and the excitement of a resurrected Jesus. May we never lose sight of that look in Amaya’s eyes as she rushed into the hunt. May we never get so familiar with, “He is risen!” that we fail to share the excitement with our children. And may we never forget that, “He is risen indeed!


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  1. I’m assuming that That is Justus Today.He looks sooo good.When I consider a few months ago,we were praying for the lord to spare his life and now for his healing.I know the Lord has a super purpose for Justus as he did for me when at 8 months I had a reaction to DPT sent me into a coma for 6 weeks and paralyzed my right side.I realize now how Gods wisdom saved my soul and saved me from Bad decisions I probably would have made.I will thank him forever for what he did for me.He promises That he will do great and mighty things witch we know not.I pray he will sing again here for his Lord,His dancing before the Lord as King David Did Is a awesome Praise!!!Continue to pray for Elyse and Jason, Amaya and Justus.HE IS RISEN!!!

    • Thank you so much Pam! You are truly an inspiration to our family and we are so grateful for your continued prayers for Justus and his parents. I would love to hear all about your family sometime!! Please tell them all hello from us! Blessings….Kelli

  2. Continuing to pray for your grandson Justus, his parents and your entire family.
    Much love, The Frye Family

    Psalm 33:22
    “Let your unfailing love surround us, LORD,
    for our hope is in you alone.”

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