Do You Measure Up as a Dad?

dad-high-5-with-sonIf I’m honest one of my biggest fears, if not THE biggest, is this… will I measure up as a dad?! I’ve been a dad now for 33 years, so that statement looks way different today. But certainly 33 years ago, when we were just starting down the path of parenthood, I had enormous fears about my role and qualifications as a dad.

By the time Alyse was born, I had figured out that I was pretty good in the business world. I was a good leader and felt confident I could figure out my path in the world. But wow, when it came to parenting there were so many questions.

Hindsight being 20/20, many of my fears were unwarranted… but many of them were valid. Coming down to the end of 2016 and preparing for a new year, always reminds me of one of those areas where fatherhood seemed harder than say… running a company.

I quickly learning what it looked like to prepare a company for a coming year… to set sales projections… to create marketing calendars… to look at cash flow projections. But nobody told me I needed to give the same type of consideration to my family.

OK, so maybe not sales projections, but are we going have a new baby this coming year? Maybe not marketing calendars, but how about sports schedules and school calendars? And maybe not cash flow projections, but what about the family budget?

Men, here are three things for you to consider:

  1. Be engaged. Like I just said above, for some of you preparing your company will be easier than preparing your family. Don’t let that knock you out of the game. Choose to stay engaged. It will benefit your family and if you are married, it will feel incredibly loving to your wife.
  2. Take your wife on a date. What does that have to do with preparing for 2017? Everything! Just take my word for it. But here’s the deal. You make the arrangements. In other words, if you need a babysitter, then you find one. If you’re going to go somewhere besides McDonalds (and I recommend you do) then you make the reservations. You plan out the night, but make sure she knows that part of the date will be time set aside to talk about 2017 and your family.
  3. You do an assessment of 2016. In the FREE eBook from Michael Hyatt, one of the eight principles that successful people practice is to review and assess the previous year. I’m suggesting you do that regarding your family. Eventually you’ll want to do this with your wife (on your date) and your kids (at a family meeting). But start with your own assessment. How are you doing:
    1. As a husband (your relationship)
    2. With your kids (your relationship)
    3. How are your kids doing (in school, at home, with friends)
    4. How is the mood in your home (happy, sad, scared, hopeful)

Have you begun thinking about 2017 and your family? We want to help. Let us know how? In the comments, tell us your biggest challenges in this coming year? How did you do setting goals for 2016? How did you do following through with them?

I don’t know if my fears are the same as they were 33 years ago, but one thing is still the same… if I am a success in the workplace and not at home… then I won’t consider myself a success. I want to look back and feel like I gave the same attention to the people I love as I did to the job I loved. How about you?