PWTG: Episode 029 – How to deal with the two main reasons siblings fight!

In this week’s podcast episode of parenting with Truth and Grace, we talk about the two main reasons siblings fight and how you deal with it. You can listen to the podcast here. Also, if you haven’t already subscribed, why don’t you subscribe now so you automatically get each week’s newest episode.

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Do you know the two main reasons siblings fight? Did you know that according to the research 3-7 year old siblings engage12068818_10155980283075391_5159627662025165461_o in conflict 2.5 times every 45 minutes or once every 17 minutes? And did you know that 2-4 year olds engage in conflict 6.4 times every hour or once every 9 minutes?

According to a special publication of Time magazine the most common cause of these fights were property and injustice. If you have kids, then likely that doesn’t shock you. Most parents have witnessed first hand a pair of siblings fighting over the ownership of a toy… or dealt with a child angered over the size of his ice cream as compared to his sisters.

We aren’t naive enough to suggest we have a way to eliminate all conflict; after all, if grown adults can’t keep from going to war over property and injustice, why would we think siblings wouldn’t quarrel over the same issues.

No we want to share some important principles to teach your children as they are dealing with the emotions of property rights and injustice. Rather than just deal with the symptoms, we want to get to the heart of the issue. More importantly we want to get to the heart of our child. Deal with the symptoms and they simply resurface someplace else with a different name. Deal with the heart, then the character of your child changes.

We hope you will listen to this episode on dealing with sibling rivalry over property and injustice. Here are the link we mentioned during the podcast. With conflict occurring every 17 minutes you almost have enough time to listen to the whole thing in-between the next two fights!

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  1. Thank you so much for this message! It gives me a tangible thing to focus on – the right relationship between people and stuff.

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