Day 94-42 Justus walks around the neighborhood

I trust everyone had a fun and safe Halloween, regardless of where you land in it’s observance. After watching my son’s football game at West Point, we wound up spending a little time on post (for those not familiar, West Point or the United States Military Academy is a military base with almost entirely military families living within it’s borders) driving through the neighborhood. I must admit, it brought back a little feeling of nostalgia for me. The streets in this military community are considered much safer than most neighborhoods around the country and they were packed with children and their parents. I admit that I was also pleased to see a lot of cute costumes of super heroes and Disney princesses. Of course there were a fair share of ghosts and goblins too! But it did bring back memories of running the streets as a kid from house to house filling up my pillowcase with candy and very little concern about safety. Sorry for the little trip down memory lane, but I couldn’t help myself.

In honor of my son, Keila, I didn’t want to completely skip over the fact that Army beat Navy in Sprint football (172 pounds or less) completing an undefeated season. I’m actually writing this sitting on the plane heading home after a great weekend. One of the little, aha moments came after his game as I was reading the plaque on the outside of stadium where they play their home gams, Shea Stadium. It was about Richard Shea, the West Point graduate, killed in action during the Korean War in 1953 at 26 years old. Among his accomplishments he was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. As I was reading about this war hero and former track star, I was struck by the way virtually everything at the academy is named. All the buildings and fields are named after soldiers and leaders that made a difference in life. I’ve gotten so used to buildings being named after people with money, that I found it refreshing to realize these building’s names were earned by giving service to others. Please don’t misunderstand me, many people who have made a lot of money and had things named after them, earned that money by serving others. My point is, people like Lieutenant Shea weren’t rich or famous, but used the gifts God had given him and served in the way he felt God had called him to serve. He made a difference and here I was reading about his amazing life.

It caused me to say a prayer for young Justus. I know God continues to have a purpose for his life. I continue to believe for complete healing. And I prayed that one day he’d look back and know he’d used the gifts given to him by God to make a difference. It was a special moment. I didn’t use any qualifiers as I prayed… things like “whatever he’s capable of doing”… it was a simple, “God help Justus to use ALL the gifts you have given him.”

Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6 speaks to the idea of training our kids in the particular way God has gifted them to go. I don’t just want to see Justus healed… I want him to be used by God in all the ways God wants to use him.

This weekend was another great opportunity for the little ninja to be home for a couple of days. The video is Justus getting back on track walking his neighborhood. He continues to heal quickly and work hard at his rehabilitation. He still hasn’t fully recovered from surgery, although he had a good day today. Please keep praying for improvement with the use of his mouth.

I’m guessing they won’t be naming any stadiums after any of us (at least not any time soon!), but that shouldn’t keep us from living out that biblical character quality of service. I want Justus to get better, but not just for the sake of getting better. My prayer is for him to serve the way God has designed him to serve. Of course that’s my prayer for me too! How about you? What’s your prayer for your life right now?