Day 91-39 Thankful for Routine

One of our concerns in the days leading up to Justus’ surgery was the idea of “routine” as it relates to his procedure on Tuesday. The issue for us was the fact that nothing, it seemed, that was supposed to be “routine” turned out routine. Early in the journey there were multiple times when the doctors gave us an explanation of what was going to happen and how they expected it to go. It felt like every single time, things didn’t go as expected and instead got worse and worse. I’m sure it wasn’t quite that bad, but it felt like it. So you can imagine the apprehension when we heard the words “routine”. Of course, as luck or Providence (depending on your worldview) would have it, Justus’ bone flap surgery really was routine. Aside from all the delays, the procedure itself went off without a hitch (as far as we know… which is all we care to know now!)

There is so much to be thankful for tonight – where do I even start? Let me start by explaining where I’m writing this from, West Point, New York! Tuesday after the surgery I jumped in the car and drove back to Lakewood, arriving at midnight. Then at 4:30am my daughter drove me to the airport to catch my flight to Newark. Now I’m at West Point to visit my son and catch his last Sprint Football game – Army vs. Navy (yes I’m bragging just a little bit – but mostly explaining why I feel so thankful right now)! As you can imagine I’ve been asking for more and more pictures from Portland. I won’t say I’ve gotten enough, but I will say they’ve done a great job of helping me deal with not being there. The picture I posted is significant because last night he got a little upset and started to cry. Alyse picked him up and he settled right down in her arms. You mommies out there know how special that was for my daughter… truly a birthday present to remember!

They are now back at Randall and Justus has already had his first physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions… seriously! Like I said last night, these therapists don’t mess around. Of course that’s a “routine” we want to get back into. We want him back in therapy and he continues to want to be pushed. These last 72 hours or so have really highlighted for me the need to keep the course. I just had this conversation with one of my kids. So often it can feel like nothing is really working spiritually… reading God’s word seems dry, prayer is a struggle, church feels disconnected, and my Christian friends have all but disappeared. Guess what? You know what I’m going to say… the moon is round! When it feels like God has disappeared, remember the truth, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Micah 6:8 reminds us… “Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before your God.”

Keep doing the right thing… keep doing the things God has called you to do… keep reading… keep praying… keep connected… no matter what. Our whole life can’t be like these last 72 hours. But I believe these last 72 hours happened in large part because #TeamJustus remembered, the moon is round. Through all of those days where “routine” was code for getting worse… prayers continued, truth was told, friends stayed close, and our church family was amazing! It’s called being faithful. It’s called remembering in the dark the truth that was revealed in the light! It’s waking up and doing the right thing. It’s saying over and over and over again… the moon is round. Please, I don’t want you to walk up to someone in a crisis and say, “The moon is round.” That could be devastating to them if it’s not the right time. What I want is the next time YOU find yourself in a storm, I want YOU to say, “The moon is round!” In fact I want you to shout it out loud, “THE MOON IS ROUND!”

Right before saying goodbye to my son tonight, we looked up together at the big bright New York moon… the same moon my family in Portland gaze upon… the same moon you are seeing… and we reminded each other, the moon is round. You want a “routine” that will get you through the crisis… remember that God is always God, that God is able and God is good.