Day 90-38 – Passing another Milestone

If you’ve noticed, I’ve made mention a few times of how writing (ok typing… ok keyboarding) certain numbers just hits me. Certainly crossing the 90-day milestone seems significant – a fourth of a year… three months! I love milestones because they give you cause to check in. That’s why 25 or 50-year wedding anniversaries are so special. It’s an opportunity for couples and those around them to take notice. Certainly Justus passing the 90 day milestone causes #TeamJustus to take notice. I don’t need to rehash the significant events of these past few days … but why not J. He’s gone on the toilet, he’s walked, he’s got his bone flap put back in place, and as you can see by the picture he’s laying around all day doing nothing!

Actually if I was a little more tech savvy, I would have rigged it so when you opened this picture you would have heard Peaches and Herb (man am I dating myself) singing, “Reunited and it feels so good!” Honestly that is how the entire experience of walking back into the PICU has felt for all of us, being reunited with the team and our friends at Doernbecher. Justus of course doesn’t remember much of the PICU, but the rest of us certainly do! The person in the picture with Justus is none other than Rebecca, physical therapist extraordinaire. The last time she was with him she was rigging up a contraption that would allow him to spend a little time standing up (by being strapped in of course). She was blown away by how far he had come in such a short time. One thing I will say though about all of these therapists… they don’t mess around. So if you had thoughts of Justus earning a week of lounging around to heal and recover, think again!

The consistent theme now though is, “Chasing Justus!” Everyone wants to let Justus do what Justus can do and to see what exactly that is. Of course those of us that have been praying know there is this X-factor and I don’t mean the TV show. God is clearly doing something in this boy’s life. What exactly and how much exactly, we’ll never know for sure this side of heaven. And quite honestly I don’t really care and neither should you.

The point for all of us is to seek the Lord with all of our heart, use our talents in the place God has called us in this season, and then trust God for the results. I realize I simplified into a formula something that can feel super complex. It doesn’t change the reality. We take care of the part God has called us to take care of, all the while praying for God to move in miraculous and marvelous ways. Whatever God has called you into in this season of life, however challenging it may be; I promise you he cares about you. It might seem like He’s disinterested at times, but He’s very interested – remember, the moon is round. We might not understand, but that’s why He’s God and we’re not. Like Justus, you just keep getting up… you just keep trying to walk… you just keep trying to talk… keep praying and keep trusting. God is able and God is good… all the time!

Thanks again for taking the journey with us yesterday. It was quite humbling for our family to realize how many of you followed Justus’ entire journey (did I really post 6 updates? 7 if you count the late one from the night before!). It has been a good day. He’s been moved back up to the 10th floor – you might remember how traumatic that first move to the 10th floor was weeks ago . This one was a little easier and much more welcomed. Please pray that everything continues to go well and on Thursday he is able to return to Randall… for a little lounging around, therapist style!!!

And speaking of milestones and significant dates, I would be remiss if I didn’t make my daughter Alyse mad at me with this post. I’m actually not in Portland (maybe I’ll tell you about that later) so there’s not much she can do to me. Today is her birthday. I’m not dumb enough to tell you how old she is, suffice to say she’s wise beyond her years. Kelli and I are so proud of the way she has been a wife and a mother through this very difficult time. Please say a special prayer for her tonight… I don’t think her dream birthday included being in the hospital… but her dream birthday DID include her four year old son still with us, so she’s living that dream! Please join me in wishing Alyse a happy birthday!!!