Day 9 – post #2

I wanted to give a quick update for ‪#‎TeamJustus‬. First thanks to Cheri Lewis for putting together a page for #TeamJustus. You can follow the link below to join.

Secondly, I want to make you aware of a few important prayer requests for Justus. The 48 hours we are in is different. Since arriving last Friday, it’s been pretty intense. It seemed like we were constantly holding our breath waiting for the next critical test or step in the process. Those of you who have gone through a similar storm know well what I’m about to say. I’ve never lived out the principle of praying without ceasing like I did during those days. We all found ourselves falling asleep as we were praying for Justus, only to wake up praying for Justus. We didn’t have to be reminded to pray. I’m not wanting storms in my life, but it certainly encourages a prayer life. Based on the many Facebook posts, many of you are experiencing the same thing.

Now we find ourselves in a relative calm, which happens often in life. There isn’t a crisis, there isn’t something big that’s pending, it’s just life as usual. My grandson is in a coma… I’m not suggesting we are in a “life as usual” season! But compared to last week, we had the opportunity to take a deep breath. And guess what happened? I didn’t pray as much today as I did yesterday! I’m sure that’s my own lack of self-discipline; after all, Justus is not out of hot water. There is a lot to pray about. It just isn’t quite as “in your face”. For me it was a great reminder. I might not always live my life the way we did last week (hopefully), but I certainly can do a better job focused on prayer. Tomorrow is going to be similar to today for most of the day. I’m committed to praying more tomorrow! I invite you to join me in praying more tomorrow. Let me know how you do and I’ll give you a report.

We have some great answers to prayer. You might remember the plan is for Justus to be in a coma for 48 hours. He has done great for the first 24 of those 48 hours. His brain has stayed asleep, his urine output has been great, no temperature, blood pressure has stayed up, his lungs are clear, and he even had a small bowel movement. We have so much to be thankful for!

Pray that his brain will stay asleep for these last 20 hours or so and that all of his other functions will remain healthy. He needs a stronger bowel movement and we want his urinary output to stay high.

I ask that you please pray for those key people in Justus’ life. As you can imagine, something like this is nothing less than traumatic. Ever since Friday everyone has been focused on Justus. Starting tomorrow, some are going to begin sliding back into regular life. For some it’s back to school and for others it’s return to work. Either way, it is going to be hard. Pray they will be able to re-enter well.

And finally, the reason for the images I selected is I’d love it if you would pray for Jason and for Amaya Jean. Jason carries a lot of burden as dad. Pray for him even as he prays for his little boy. And as you’ve probably guessed A.J. is Justus’ sister. She doesn’t understand what is going on. Her parents do a great job spending time with Amaya Jean or A.J. at the hospital but are obviously focused on Justus. It’s not unusual for her to see her parents crying (not to mention a certain grandpa). We’ve told her Justus is sick. She kept asking to see him so finally her parents decided to let her visit him in his room. She did really well. The challenge is she still wants to be with her brother “Chachi”. Obviously she doesn’t understand what’s going on, heck we don’t understand. But please pray she continues to feel loved by this large community of folks gathered to help.

Finally I wanted to share this word from my daughter Alyse. She wanted you to know, “my gratefulness for all the messages, texts, emails, calls, posts, etc. and tell people they are sustaining and life-giving and are holding me up; even if I’m not responding to people individually.” From the bottom of a father’s heart hear this; thank-you and I love you!