Day 9 – post #1

As I was thinking about writing this update for ‪#‎TeamJustus‬, I was impressed with this humbling thought of “Why?” And I don’t mean, “Why are we going through this?” Because that is a question only God can answer. But rather, “Why am I agonizing (OK, a little overstated, but you get the point) over what to write?” and more to the point, “Why would anyone care what I had to write?” Obviously I don’t have a sufficient answer for that last question, other than God seems to be doing something that is bigger than Justus and certainly bigger than any of us! So know that while I don’t have a sufficient answer, I feel extremely humbled and greatly honored to be allowed the privilege (at least for now) of communicating not only updates of Justus’ progress, but I hope a sense of God’s heart for all of us. Thank you for caring about Justus and thank-you for genuinely considering what God might have for you in all of this.

I’ve shared two images with you again today. The first is the great reminder that God answers prayer. We asked for if you would pray for Justus’ heart to be calm the entire night. This is a picture of his EEG. What you’ll notice is nearly straight lines clear across the screen, which is perfect! Jason and Alyse had a great night of sleep and, though we didn’t ask for it, God gave the rest of the local #TeamJustus a restful night. In fact, Krista, daughter number 2 (did I mention I have 11 kids?), told me that during her one hour shift in the middle of the night, Jason filled the room with what she called, “The sweetest snoring sound she’s heard in a long time.” So thank-you for your prayers. Please pray the brain rest continues through this entire day. His blood pressure and urine output were both holding steady as well. Please pray that continues and also that he would have a bowel movement. We anticipate and pray that Justus stays in this holding pattern until Sunday evening when they will begin the process of bringing him out of his rest. We’ll certainly keep you updated as we know more.

The other image was taken the other night as those of us here at the hospital gathered to pray. Like all of you out there, we are staying diligent in our commitment to pray. But I share it in hopes it might be an encouragement to someone reading this and to ask a favor. We are collecting stories and pictures for a book we can show Justus someday about this whole journey. So if you would be willing, we’d love to see pictures of prayer (community,groups, individuals, prayer walls, prayer journals etc.). As well, we’d like to gather a “roll call” of sorts. We know there are folks from all over the country and the world praying. Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone just shot a quick message… David Pritchard, Lakewood, Washington! I know one thing God is using this for is to encourage the entire body of Christ. I believe that roll call would be beyond encouraging for all of us. So, no pressure, but if you would be willing to do that, we’d be so blessed.

So thank-you #TeamJustus. Please keep asking God to fight for Justus’ brain. And join us as we trust God with this sweet boy’s life! Ultimately we believe he’s in God’s hands… we also believe he’s in the best hands possible. Go #TeamJustus!