Day 86&87-34&35 – Justus Goes Potty

First of all, sorry for not posting last night. I think there is actually a great lesson to be shared out of all the complications that led to skipping “Day 86”. But I’ll save that for another day. Tonight I want to remind you of some prayer requests I had for all of you way back around day 21. I’ll give you a hint, sometimes we refer to this as going number 1 or number 2. If you were with us then, you’ll remember there were a few different times we were asking you to pray about his “bodily functions.” While we don’t often talk about those daily activities, we would all acknowledge how important they are – especially when they aren’t working correctly.

Well Justus’ plumbing has been functioning just fine, but those of you that have raised kids will know how exciting it is once our children become potty trained. This process with Justus is tentative enough that we hesitate to assume any permanent milestone has been reached. What we can tell you is that Justus has gone potty on the toilet several times these last 2 days. He’s not able to tell us when he has to go, but his wise parents have been able to pick up on some of his other ways of letting us know. You might recall me mentioning before that Justus is a very clean little boy. That’s why earlier, as he was coming out of his coma, we were noticing his irritation, almost frustration. We are convinced part of his frustration was coming from him not wanting to potty in bed. So needless to say, he has seemed happier not messing himself but rather going on the toilet. For us of course we’re just thrilled he continues to make progress.

The other significant event was his second 24-hour pass. The picture was taken this morning as he woke up, in his parent’s bed, after sleeping in until almost 9am! It’s hard to remember his head looking normal, after all the time we’ve spent watching the swelling go down. I’m so excited and yet apprehensive for the surgery! God is able and God is good! This will be one of the last pictures of him with the bone flap out.

Monday has tended to be our day to wear our #TeamJustus shirts and when applicable to fast and pray. This week because of the surgery, we are going to fast and pray on Tuesday and once again, we are inviting you to join us if you want. Remember, the point of fasting isn’t to impress God, it’s to acknowledge the importance of God and prayer. It also serves as a natural reminder to pray… every time your stomach growls it’s a chance to pray. Of course the reason for the switch is his surgery. There’s no pressure to fast, but we would covet your prayers for our little warrior’s surgery. It is scheduled for 9:10am on Tuesday. We’re begging the Lord for a quick and successful procedure. We’re also praying for a quick recovery and great results from having his head put back together. You might remember, the nurses and therapists have told us of the significant improvement they so often see in patients after the bone flap is replaced… of course the neurosurgeons have told us there’s no connection between improvement and the surgery. In case you were wondering, we’re siding with the nurses and therapists.

I want to leave you with a few last things. First, you will not want to miss tomorrow night’s post, we have exciting news to share with you. Second, a couple of weeks ago, preached a sermon about Providence… the idea that God is governing everything that is happening in our world. Needless to say, this storm with Justus was a big part of how the Lord prepared me to deliver that sermon. We decided to publish that sermon as this week’s podcast. If you are interested in hearing the podcast here is the link – Where is God When I’m Going Through My Storm. Finally, please pray for the time after the surgery. The hope is we will be able to return to Randall quickly and resume therapy.

#TeamJustus, thanks for tuning in again to this update. This journey has reminded me, so many times and in so many ways, to never assume the everyday things in life. Over the last several weeks I have appreciated those I love a little bit more. In the midst of the storm I’ve been grateful for all the blessings. Today’s update is another reminder to treasure things we normally take for granted… like going number 1 or number 2. See you tomorrow night!