Day 80-28 – Stopping Time

Tonight was one of those nights where I wished I could stop time… at least for a few moments. I’ll explain that moment in a minute. Today (Sunday) after church, Kelli and I drove to Portland to catch the end of Justus’ home pass. Together with our three youngest kids we arrived at the home of my daughter Alyse Nikolao and her family. Here is a strange statistic for you, the Nikolao family has been at the hospital more than they’ve been in their new home. So in a way they are more at home at the hospital than at home! How’s that for an awkward thought? Nonetheless, they were (and so were we) excited to be home from the hospital, even if it was only with a one-day pass. So with great anticipation we pulled up to their house and made our way in.

We were not disappointed. It was so good to see him sitting on the living room floor in the middle of a pile of pillows. There were no nurses around, no security to get through (unless you count Auntie Kathi and her meticulous care ), we didn’t have to find a parking place, and we walked in without putting on a nametag. The only thing that would have made the afternoon better would have been to share it with more of #TeamJustus. I know so many have shared so much of this journey with us. I especially wish more of the on site team could have been a part of such a fun event. Obviously we all look forward to the day it’s not just a one-day pass, but there’s something about seeing him home for the first time since this all began. Before the “stop time” moment tonight, we had a fun afternoon sharing a meal and being disappointed by the Seahawks. It’s funny though, things like #TeamJustus really puts into perspective the actual importance of a football game (sorry all you diehard football fans!).

After dinner we took a walk. Today’s picture was taken at the park the Nikolao’s frequented prior to Justus getting sick. The weather was perfect, the sun was out, and there was a small and friendly group of families hanging out at the same time. At one point my youngest three along with Jason and cousin Niko were playing football in the middle of the field. Amaya was riding her Stryder bike alongside her mom, her grammy and her Auntie Kathi. Meanwhile Malia, my youngest daughter, walked next to me, as I pushed Justus in his stroller. FREEZE! That was the moment I wanted to stop time. Have you ever had one of those? Don’t take them for granted! I said a quick prayer to thank God for that moment. Remember this… “Remember in the light, what got you through the darkness!”

Justus now has headed back to the hospital. We’re grateful for that too! Tomorrow he begins again his incredible schedule of therapies. Tomorrow also begins his fifth week at Randall hospital. We’re ten days away from the surgery to replace his skull flap. So please pray for continued improvement and no glitches between now and the surgery. Please invest in your family and friends and your community. And please, please, please, don’t take for granted and miss those special moments when you want to scream FREEZE! Remember in the light what got you through the darkness. Thank-you #TeamJustus… you are part of what got us through the darkness!