Day 79-27 – Come Home to Daddy

Day 79-27

The answer is yes, yes, and yes! Yes, Justus is in his car seat. Yes, his car seat is in his car. And Yes, he got to go home on a one-day pass! Obviously, it’s a little bit of a tease since it’s only a day. But it is a sneak peak at a new normal life for their family. When I first saw the picture I immediately thought of the first line of the song, and I’m going to date myself, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”. Not because the song is appropriate, but of course the first line is, “I’m going home, I’ve done my time.” I feel like 79 days qualifies as doing his time. So thank you again for all the prayers that have led to this day. In one way 79 days seems like a long time… on the other hand it seems like yesterday we were begging you to pray without ceasing for a miracle because the doctors had done all they could do and we were losing him. So to be looking at a picture of him in a car seat heading home reminds us – God is able and God is good.

Last night Alyse and auntie Kathi (Kelli’s sister) stayed the night with Justus. Jason went home with Amaya and once again gave her some good normal time with dad. Alyse and Kathi spent this morning taking Justus to therapy and then the afternoon getting him ready to go home. After 79 days in the hospital, as you can imagine, there were a lot of little details to take care of before leaving the hospital. But as you can see by the picture… mission accomplished. As they were loading up for the trip home, Jason sent a simple text… “Come home to daddy!”

I can’t help but think that’s a picture of how God feels about heaven and us. God is sending spiritually texting us, “Come home to daddy!” Jesus said in John 14:2 “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” When I think of how anxious Jason was to see Justus arrive home, I know it pales in comparison to how much God wants to welcome us to heaven. For one thing, this battle Justus is fighting is long and drawn out, but in comparison to eternity, it’s a blip on a screen. Jason is welcoming Justus home for a night, but Jesus welcomes us to heaven forever. And that’s not to diminish at all Justus’ homecoming. On the contrary; because of how excited we are to see Justus come home, it just further illustrates how amazing heaven will be one day.

So again, I hope you get your questions about God and heaven answered. Please let me know if you don’t know where to find those answers. Never forget, God is chasing you! Just like Jason was saying to his son, God is saying to you, “Come home to daddy!” Please remember to pray for #TeamJustus requests. And if you are going through a storm of your own remember God is able and God is good!