Day 77-25 – Be thankful so you can keep praying

11 weeks today! I had a super busy day that started early and finished late. In some ways it was good to live a new normal life, somewhat a picture of how life is now. In other ways it was hard because I dealt a little with the guilt of “moving on” while my daughter and son-in-law continued in the hospital. Obviously the guilt is misplaced, but often hard to avoid in crisis situations. Everyone has to go back to life, usually while those in the eye of the storm continue to fight the wind and the waves. When we were still in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) I talked a little about this dynamic (. It’s a little different now because we’re talking about my kids. But still, that guilt isn’t coming from God… if anything it’s the enemy of our souls trying to bring discouragement.

These are great opportunities to remember God’s goodness… to remember God mercies that are new every morning. Remember what I said about God’s economy? As He blesses one person, He doesn’t take that blessing away from another. God is able and God is good. Look for those God sightings ( For me it is much easier to pray for the needs of others when I’m living with a thankful heart. And check out the #TeamJustus prayer page ( and you will see there are many needs to pray for. Similar to Galatians 6 where we are instructed “not to grow weary in doing good”, we want to keep up the call to prayer. There are people God has laid on your heart… keep praying for them.

I included a fun picture of Justus tonight. Alyse said it felt the most normal of anything he’s done so far. They set-up a bunch of toys on the counter and then with support he walked over to the table. He walked straight to the steering wheel and began playing with it. So on a day when Justus was the most normal, I’m choosing to not feel guilty for having a pretty “normal” day. Instead I’m going to thank the Lord for a good day and pray for my friend Cait, and Owen, and Ryleigh, and Keelie Grace, and Jeffrey, and my friend Tess… and the list is long. #TeamJustus don’t grow weary… keep being thankful… keep praying… and keep remembering, the moon is round.