Day 75-23 – Speaking at MOPS – Jordan’s visit

#TeamJustus this has been a full day and you all have been on my mind most of it, literally. After getting my kids off to school, I had the privilege of speaking at a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. I’ve done it before, but I always have to get myself geared up, since I know I’m going to be the only man in a room full of women. I started the day thinking of #TeamJustus because I spoke on “Preparing for Family Storms”. I shared bits of our journey with the moms that were there and the lessons we’ve learned that can hopefully help others navigate their coming storms. That may sound a bit doomsdayer, to say their “coming” storm; but the reality is, and we all know it, everyone goes through storms. A big part of what I shared was the impact #TeamJustus had on our journey and the impact, I hope, Justus had on #TeamJustus!

Without a doubt, the number one thing I’ve learned in going through this storm, you need to go through it with a community. (I’m actually going to share more about that tomorrow) When you hear talk about how people need to be left alone when they are going through a crisis, don’t believe it. I’m not saying people don’t need some moments of solitude along the way. What I am saying is, God created us to be in relationship. The lie of the enemy is to divide us when we most need each other. If you have family and friends going through a tough time, don’t pull away. Don’t invade, but make sure they know you are around and praying. Bring them a Starbuck’s card or a case of water. Offer to clean their house or mow their lawn. Community, not isolation is the formula for going through a storm. My daughter Jordan (she’s written before – Day 13 – Post #2) is a great example of someone committed to community and I’m so grateful for that. Here’s a short report from her after spending a couple of days with Justus.

It’s been around three weeks since I had been to Portland. When I left Justus was at Doernbecher and they were scheduling his date to move to Randall. I was starting my season as a coach for our girls soccer team and I was back to working my 25+ hour week. Mom and dad were still coming home irregularly so I was in charge of the four youngest while school was going (Sina did most of that work). Life was turning into a new normal. But normal was incomplete. Normal wasn’t quit as normal as it should feel. I got into a routine, life was functioning nothing was out of place. I didn’t know how robotic I was being until I laid my eyes on Justus Sunday Morning. I was overcome. That was what I was missing. The smirk on his face as he reached his arm out to touch my face is stuck in my head.

That boy is working so incredibly hard. Sunday is his day off from what I understood. When I arrived my sister and her friend were trying to get him to rest for a morning nap. After greeting him we sat for a while trying to let him rest. Soon after we realized he was not going to sleep. They blamed it on his excitement of seeing me ;). We started prepping him to take a walk. Shoes, socks, helmet and then my next favorite moment… he had to get to his chair, which meant someone had to pick him up. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the five love languages, if not you should Google it. Mine is physical touch. Hugging my nieces and nephews can usually fix my day instantly. I had not had my arms around my boy in over 70 days.

I picked him up and he rested his head on mine and for a second the world stopped. #TeamJustus your willingness to be persistent in prayer and well wishes is radiating through that boys persistence to get better. He literally works so hard during Therapy that at times they have to stop so he can take a power nap to finish. He is fighting so hard. Thank you for fighting with him. Thank you for being persistent. Thank you. Monday we spent the day with a full schedule of therapy. He was incredible. Everything he did Niko (Jason’s nephew) and I looked at each other amazed. Please continue to pray for a full recovery and restoration. Pray for Gods will. Pray for my sister and brother as they continue to lay their son at the cross in prayer. Thank you for bridging the gap. Thank you for being apart of #TeamJustus.

Please hear me, I’m not suggesting that everyone must deal with crisis the way we did. I’m just saying I’ve journeyed with a lot of people going through really hard stuff. The healthiest ones did it in the context of community. Even Justus wants his community if you remember yesterday’s post (Day 74-22). So thank-you #TeamJustus for being our community for the last 75 days! We love you!

And speaking of being community for people in storms – there are some really tough situations going on for some of our #TeamJustus family. Please take a look at the prayer page (#TeamJustus Prayer List) and if the Lord so moves your heart please spend some time praying for these needs. Remember God is able and God is good. Our part is to approach the throne room of God and bring these needs before him. Then we remain still (Exodus 14:14).