Day 74-22 – Justus’ friends come to play!

It’s funny as I write those numbers, they suddenly appear really large. Again, I know some would write numbers double and triple Justus’. And that only makes me more amazed… 74 days, dating back to July 31st. I mentioned yesterday (DAY 73-21) I had a packed weekend of preaching four times on Sovereignty and telling a little of the #TeamJustus story. Today I had a day off at home and for the first time since July 31st I just worked in the yard. I’m not typically one of those guys that enjoys yard work, but it felt really good to pick back up some projects that I literally stopped in the middle of, 74 days ago. I was out there with my #TeamJustus shirt on just sweating away. I know I’m going to be sore in the morning, but it will feel good knowing how hard Justus is working… my mini opportunity to relate to my grandson!

The sad part of being home in my yard was the fact that Kelli went to Portland today without me… so for the first time in over ten weeks, I won’t see Justus in person this week. But Grammy did write a quick report for us on Justus’ day. Here it is:

Justus worked really hard again today with his Auntie Jordan and Uncle Niko helping Jason cheer him on! To top off his day, Justus’ friends, he met earlier this summer at their neighborhood playground, came today. They are a wonderful family with 3 boys and a new baby sister. They brought dinner, but before eating, Justus went to the park across the street from Randall. He was all smiles as everyone played there. Then during dinner, the boys wanted to sit by him and eat. Afterwards, there was more playing and chasing in the family room at Randall. Needless to say, Justus watched intently, his whole body moving and straining to try and join in. This was a mixed blessing for Alyse and Jason because Justus is intensely trying to get better so he can play, but the reality of today is that Justus is not able to play like the other kids. We are so grateful he is responding like this, but sad for him in the moment.

The neurosurgeon called today and said the surgery would stay on October 27. On a positive note, there is talk of giving Justus a pass to go home for one night the weekend before his surgery.

So please pray in, around and through all of this. God is doing a miracle, even in all of us who love Justus and are learning what it really means to wait on the Lord. Thank you again for being with us.

Thanks again everyone for your continued prayers. I’m guessing at least some of you were disappointed too that surgery wasn’t moved up. In a small way it brings up all of those same questions about prayer and God and sovereignty and Providence. Please know that we rest in God’s goodness. Even in these little prayer requests that seem to go unanswered, we trust that God is answering them, just not in the way we want Him to. God is able and God is good. We trust in that. And we always remember, the moon is round! Thanks #TeamJustus. We love you!!!