Day 73-21 – We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

So we’ve officially reached the three-week mark at Randall Children’s Hospital. It’s amazing the improvement he’s made in just three weeks. At Doernbecher we were so grateful for the expertise and work they did with Justus just to keep him alive and to have a fighting chance. Now at Randall’s we are once again so impressed and forever grateful for the not just the expertise, but the passion with which they use their gifts. It’s a great reminder of what God calls us to be in the church.

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul uses the illustration of the parts of a body to describe the importance of everyone in the body of Christ. Watching them function at both Doernbecher and Randall was a good illustration of what we should be doing in the church. I know they don’t do it perfectly, but I love that each person seems to passionately take care of their piece. Again, I’m sure their own personalities quirks and egos get in the way like the rest of us. But when it’s done right, it’s a great picture of what we should strive for. The occupational therapist is not worrying if the physical therapist is getting more attention than she is, and vice versa. The doctor is not thinking they are more important than the nurse. I remember at Doernbecher thinking, wow! The doctors had the title and played a huge role in deciding the plan for Justus’ care. But without the nurse carrying out those plans throughout the day, those plans would be worthless.

Today was such a great day of worship at church. I pray that all of you had an opportunity to spend time in church today. I’ve said it before, you don’t have to go to church to make it to heaven… a relationship with God doesn’t require church attendance. But it sure makes this journey a lot easier and a lot better when you do it in community. I mentioned already that I had the privilege of preaching today. It’s easy when you are the one delivering the bulk of the spoken message on Sunday to think somehow you are more important than everyone else. But as I was enjoying my day at the church I looked around. The church was beautifully decorated… the ushers were there ahead of everyone and handed me a bulletin as I walked in… someone did those bulletins… uplifting music was playing… I could hear a piano, a couple of guitars, drums and voices… and someone was mixing all of that sound… there were words up on the screen… and somehow everyone that came knew to come! I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

God loves you. The bible says you are beautifully and wonderfully made… everyone of you! The last thing God wants is for you to consider one of His creations as somehow, worthless. Of course, he also doesn’t want one of His creations to think they are better than another one of His creations. He desires that we would think correctly of ourselves. God breathed life into you, and that makes you special. And God has given you unique gifts and qualities that He wants you to use for His glory. Think where Justus would be if these nurses had all said, “Those doctors are the important ones, we’re not really necessary.” We wouldn’t have Justus today. The enemy loves to make you think less of yourself. Identify that lie for what it is and embrace the truth… God loves you. How much does He love you? Enough that He gave his only son, to live a perfect life, die on the cross, and rise again three days later… for you… and for me.

So keep praying. Monday’s have been the day to specifically remember praying for #TeamJustus. Hopefully we’re praying throughout the week, but when we’ve worn purple, green or crimson, or when we’ve fasted, it’s been Mondays. So tomorrow, please take time to check out the #TeamJustus Prayer page and spend some good time praying with the Lord.

If you’ve ever wanted a simple formula to help guide your prayer time, try ACTS. A – Adoration… Just take a minute to acknowledge that God is God… awesome and worth our adoration! C – confession… Take a minute and come clean with God. A little hint… (I’m whispering in your ear) He already knows! T – Thanksgiving… Take a minute and thank the Lord for the many blessings. Some days are harder than others, but find something to be thankful for. S – Supplication… Just a fancy word meaning to ask or beg for something earnestly… lift up those prayer requests. God wants to hear from you.

And as we finish three weeks of rehab, please keep praying for our little guy. Today’s picture is my daughter Jordan (she wrote an outstanding update on DAY 13 from an aunties perspective). My four kids that were there left and Jordan came in to take their place, along with one of Jason’s nephews. He continues to progress and we’re so thankful for that. #TeamJustus… we love you. The moon is round!