Day 72-20 – Preaching about Justus

One down and three to go! Thanks for praying for me. I made it through preaching my sermon tonight, I only cracked a couple of times. Now for a good nights rest and then three times in the morning! It’s always such an honor to be given the privilege of delivering a message in church. This one is particularly special to me given I share about our #TeamJustus journey. The heart of the message is Providence (check out the update from Day 68-16), particularly the idea of making sense of God’s Providence in the midst of our storms. Get this… months ago it was determined that I would preach this particular message, long before Justus ever got sick. Maybe Providence?

Let me share one part of the message because it reminds me so much of all of you. When we were in the hardest part of our journey, when we needed your support the most, you all were praying. I know that to be true. Some of you were getting up in the middle of the night to pray for our little ninja! We will be forever grateful. But in my sermon I’m asking the question, will praying for all of these things change God’s mind? And you all were with us as we wrestled with that question in real time… from my sermon:

“And obviously, I don’t know… but God’s sovereignty tells me to obey and to pray. God’s goodness tells me to trust. When that day came and the doctors told us, sorry, we’ve done all that we can… my daughter and son-in-law began preparing themselves to deal with the inevitable. It appeared that God’s Providence had spoken and my grandson wasn’t going to make it… but God’s Sovereignty said to keep praying… God’s goodness said to trust God with what happened next.”

#TeamJustus, at that moment we were asking you to keep praying, to keep believing, to charge the throne room of God and petition on behalf of Justus, even though it seemed fruitless. And you did! Thank-you. Someone asked me after the service if I thought I could have preached this sermon if Justus hadn’t made it. It’s a great question…. Perhaps even THE question. My answer was simple, “I certainly hope so.” I know for sure I wouldn’t be preaching it this soon, but I pray that my faith would never be dependent on how God chooses to move, how God chooses to answer my prayer, how God’s Providence plays out. But that’s easier to say given we know Justus is going to make it.

But wow has God taught me a lot during this journey. Thank-you #TeamJustus… I know I never want to go through a storm alone! Justus continues to get stronger. Unfortunately we don’t have any new news about the surgery date. Please keep praying for that, he’s so ready to be physically whole again. Please keep praying for our #TeamJustus prayer list. Remember you don’t have to take up the cause for every one, unless you feel the Lord leading you to. But take a look at them and pray for the ones you feel like you should pray for. The crazy thing about Providence… you don’t know what God is up to, so you never want to be on the sideline if God expecting you to be in the game (is that even possible… I think so because of free will… but I don’t want to take the chance!).