Day 7 – post #2

In case some of you are interested in a less urgent update, I thought I’d pass along a little of what is happening. First, you all need to know when these updates started they were intended to be a way those in our family and close friends could be kept up without fear of leaving someone out of the information loop. We never imagined it would be shared by so many and lead to an army of prayer warriors around the world praying for this little man! I know that pleases God. I know it is part of how God has intended for this to work – after all God answers prayer. But without a doubt there is at least one other reason God had all of you pray. As prayer reports came in a couple of things became clear- people weren’t just talking about praying (not that I’ve ever done that :)) but people were actually praying! The other thing that felt incredible was the wise spread of locations where these prayers were coming from. Literally heartfelt reports came in from around the globe.

Here’s what’s important for you to understand. Because you haven’t been here at the hospital I want to do my best capturing the fullness of what I’m about to tell you. There were so many times i would find myself beginning to feel hopeless or sorry for myself. Invariably I would pull out my phone and begin reading these prayer reports from around the world. I can’t tell you how uplifting it is to hear someone share how their bible study in some other country has stopped to pray for Justus… or get a message from someone who says, “I don’t know your grandson, but I love Justus.” Here’s the thing, my entire family has expressed the same thing. So you’ve prayed because that is what you are supposed to do. But in addition to hearing your prayers God has used your prayers to encourage and support my family!!! Thank-you!

Not a lot of new news. Justus continues to be stable. Not a lot has changed since the last update. One important thing is Amaya, Jusus’ little sister. She saw Justus tonight for the first time. Her parents were concerned with whether it was the right thing to do but it went very well. It was sweet as Amaya let everyone know that Justus was her brother!!! Thanks for reading my update. As I finish up may I ask you to remember a few specific things. The first is he’s having an MRI at 4am PST. They want to see if there has been any change since the one last night. Please pray for a good report. Second please pray that Alyse and Jason will let the family watch Justus tonight while they sleep. I’m not sure they have 10 total hours of sleep since coming into the hospital last Friday. And finally we continue to sense that God isn’t done here so we continue to pray for a miracle in Justus’ life.

We love you. God has used you to help get our family through this ordeal. We are forever grateful. May the Lord bless you and keep you.