Day 7 – post #1

I’ve heard it said, “Don’t pray for a powerful faith in God… rather pray for faith in a powerful God.” Well we’re praying for both. We want to stay strong in our faith, but more importantly we want to focus on the truth that our faith is in a powerful God!!! Well today is a day when our faith is tested. We had the family meeting with the team of physicians responsible for Justus‘ care. They were outstanding… compassionate, clear, and professional. In a sense the doctors have now spoken. They are still in the fight with us to give Justus every opportunity to come through this as healthy as possible, but they painted a pretty bleak picture. If their experience and training is correct then Justus surviving this ordeal isn’t guaranteed. And in their words, if he survives, he will experience moderate to severe effects from the illness to his brain.

We’re not naive. We know good and well doctors don’t arbitrarily come up with those predictions and percentages. They are based on history and facts and what they have seen. And these are excellent doctors who have done a wonderful job caring for our sweet grandson. We are forever grateful. But now that the doctors have spoken we wait to hear from God. As we’ve been saying all along, we trust in the Lord. He has and will continue to use these doctors but we know if Justus is to survive it will be an act of God that allows it. And selfishly, we are asking not only for Justus to survive, but to be restored to wholeness. We believe in a powerful God. We believe in miracles.

The doctors spoke of the need to begin having conversations of what to do in case of emergency. They of course used language which included the words, “quality of life.” We made it clear that our world view considered all life to be quality life. Needless to say it was an excruciating meeting. So many tears… broken hearts… deep sadness. But we left the room even more committed to pray that God would send us a miracle.

So please pray for Jason and Alyse. But especially pray for Jason as he shoulders so much of the burden for his family! He is a good man, please shower him with prayers. Second, continue to pray for the medical staff and the process we are in with Justus. We hope the doctors find a solution and are able to quickly help Justus get better, but we aren’t resting all of our hope in that. Rather we continue to pray for healing. We will accept God’s will, but I believe that God is wanting to be glorified in what He is about to do in Justus’ life!!! I’m not a prophet. I don’t know what specifically the future holds, I only know that God will be glorified. So please continue to pray for healing.

It has been nothing short of overwhelming to experience these past several days. Through what have been the hardest and darkest of days, we have felt loved and supported. Thank-you all for being the earthly manifestation of our heavenly father. On behalf of Jason and Alyse, please know you are loved and appreciated. And thanks for reading this lengthy update.