Day 64-12 – Learning about the G-tube

Let me start right off with the picture. This is our dear friend Becky. I know you can’t tell what her and Kelli are doing, so let me explain. Right now, Justus is unable to eat food like the rest of us. So, he is fed through what they call a G-tube. The G stands for gastric or just think stomach. Justus’ last surgery, you might remember, was to put the G-tube in place. The thing is, if you aren’t used to seeing or working with a G-tube, it’s a little freaky. I mean, he’s got a hole in his stomach, and a plug on the outside for you to connect a feeding tube. The last time we were in Portland, Kelli had to do a little bit of feeding using the G-tube and she was a little nervous. So, she mentioned her experience to our friend Becky (a nurse). Becky proceeded to explain to Kelli that’s what she did professionally. Kelli asked, “Feed patients?” Ok, she didn’t really ask that, but she did ask Becky for clarification as to what she meant.

What Becky does is teach patients and parents how to use the G-tube for feedings. So guess what she was willing to do for her two nervous “grandparents”? That’s right, she came over and gave us a personal tutoring session. And I’m happy to report I’m excited for the next time I have to feed Justus! By the way, the whole system they use, is another example of the unique talents and gifts God has given people. And another reason why we are so grateful for the situation we find ourselves. Of course, we’d rather never gone through any of this, that would be our first choice. But if Justus was going to get sick, praise God it was near a hospital like Doernbecher’s and Randall.

Please pray for Justus. He might be getting a little cold. He’s been coughing and sneezing and even threw up a few times this morning. He still had a good day of therapy, but obviously it will go much better if he is able to stay healthy. Pray for a good night sleep for our little warrior as well.

While you are praying please remember these requests that have come across #TeamJustus page. If I’m missing some I apologize. I tried to find and copy all the requests that have come in the last few days. I hope you continue to check the page and lift up those requests. Remember the battle we wage isn’t against flesh and blood, though it sure feels like it. The battle is taking place in the heavenly realm. So we do battle through prayer. No, I don’t fully understand how it works, or how and when God answers prayer. But I do know we are to continue praying. And I know I feel closer to the Father, when I’m praying. So maybe I’m praying for selfish reasons sometimes, so I can be closer to God. But, something tells me He’s ok with that kind of selfishness!

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Remember, God is able and God is good… so we pray. As you can see, both Caleb and Karsen are experiencing perfect healing now. But the heartache felt by those left behind is unimaginable. We don’t understand… so we trust. Thanks for praying. I’m also once again extending the invitation to fast with us on Monday for all of the #TeamJustus page prayer requests. Once again, how you do that is totally between you and the Lord. We are going to skip meals and break the fast at sundown on Monday. Regardless whether you fast or not, I hope you will join us in prayer. Thank-you for being so faithful. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to pray without ceasing. Some of you have been doing that for 64 days. May the Lord bless you!